Effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal

Since the introduction of laser hair removal therapy, it has grown in popularity and many people, both men and women have chosen this treatment of hair removal over the traditional methods. This is a process in which concentrated beams of light are used to kill the follicles of hair. The cost of this treatment is more than that of traditional methods so most of you will ask if this is worth it. This article will talk about how effective this treatment is and how you could benefit from this.

laser hair removal

Is it really permanent?
Even though many people opt for laser hair removal, this treatment is not really classified as permanent, but is said to be in the permanent hair reduction category. You cannot really stop the growth of the hair totally because the skin keeps regrowing the follicles and these have to be further removed. Most results show that there is a drastic decrease in the number of active hair-producing follicles between 20 and 90 percent. These results mainly last for a few months or even up to a few years.

You should wait for about a year or so to decide how effective your laser hair removal treatment has been. It is important to have regular follow-up sessions with the therapist for the areas in which the hair has regrown. The result of your treatment also varies with how well the follicles of your hair absorb the light from the laser. This type of treatment works best for people who have dark hair and slight skin. It is not usually recommended for those people with darker skin or have hair that is blonde, light brown or light red. This is due to the fact that the laser is not very effective in targeting the follicle of the hair when the pigment is less as the laser does not get absorbed by it.

For a lot of people, pain is also a factor that is very important with regard to hair removal. Laser treatment is considerable less painful than electrolysis as there is no invasive treatments that are needed. The lasers may pain a little due to the heat. But you may find that the result is worth the pain.

Cost effectiveness
The cost of this treatment is higher than that of the traditional methods but in the long run you usually do save a bit of money and a lot of hassle if you do choose to get this procedure performed. Compared to the monthly cost of going to the parlour, just going in for a couple of sessions of laser therapy may cost more in the beginning. If you calculate the cost over a year or more which is the average time laser hair removal can last for, it is comparatively cheaper.

At the end of the day if your skin is suitable for laser hair removal and if you consult a good doctor or a good clinic, this is the most effective hair removal solution that is available.

While waxing at times is inevitable, the process might be really painful. However, there are some smart ways to make it a lot less painful. Some of these ways include:


Begin waxing on a small scale: If you plan to wax your legs, make sure that you begin with your ankle. Just in case you are waxing your arm, begin with an area that is as small as your wristwatch. It is not really easy when you do it for the first time. If you apply wax across your entire leg, removing it will be really painful. Additionally, the hair might not get removed from the roots.

Do yoga before waxing: Just in case you want to wax a large part of your body, being flexible won’t really hurt. Thus, you could try doing some yoga before getting on with the waxing exercise. Flexibility would go a long way in ensuring that you suffer from less pain during the process.

When you go for waxing your eyebrows, mark the intended section with eyeliner: Remember it is not an easy exercise at all to wax your eyebrows. Thus, it might help if you mark the intended area for waxing with eyeliner. This would significantly help in setting a guideline. As soon as you get done, you could try removing the additional wax with the help of baby oil.

Apply wax that is a little cooler on your pubic area: Well, it is always better to apply cooler wax on your pubic area. It is important to understand that something that might seem warm on your arms might seem very hot down below. People often make the mistake of applying hot wax on the concerned area that could actually take off some skin. Mind you, that might really be painful.

Use numbing creams: Numbing creams really work. You need to apply the same on your waxing zone about half an hour prior to the beginning of the exercise.

Consume an off-the-counter pain relieving pill before the waxing exercise: Ingest one of those popular over-the-counter pain-relieving medicines before you get down to the waxing procedure. Sometimes, it might really help in lessening the aggravated pain that might be experienced during or after the waxing process.

Try and concentrate on something else if you are undergoing waxing at home: You might want to keep yourself busy with something when you are waxing yourself at home. This might significantly help in reducing the hardships that are otherwise encountered during the process.

You might try using an exfoliating scrub on the areas when you intend to do waxing: The process of exfoliation might rid you of all those dead skin that might be trapping the hairs. This is important to remove the hairs on the first attempt itself.

Following any or all these procedures will help you during the waxing process. But then again, you need to be sure as to what suits you best before zeroing in on the strategy.

Hair Volume and the Salon

Has your hairdresser recently pointed out that your hair is thinning? If so, then treatments to help increase hair volume might be a useful avenue for you to follow. With science evolving every day, there are now proven ways for you to help increase the volume of your hair. Read on to find out what some of them are.

hair volume

Before you even begin to think about treatment, it is useful to know that hair thinning is usually a symptom of a larger issue. Some hormonal disorders, like thyroid, may result in thinning hair. Make sure that you get yourself checked out by your doctor if you are confronted with suddenly thinning hair. There may be larger issues at place.

Volumising treatments
Shampoos with zinc, mint oil and other compounds are often a good method to encourage induce hair thickness. Lots of salons offer personalised thinning hair treatments, which often involve the application of a shampoo, conditioner, serum, and a mask, if not more. Regularly going for these treatments, especially if you start to see a noticeable difference, can help you quickly reverse your hair thinning trend.

Apart from treatments at the salon, there are also at-home treatments that you could pursue, often in the form of using salon-recommended products to promote hair growth. In the last few years, more and more dermatology journals are confirming the effectiveness of active ingredients like zinc in the promotion of hair growth. These products can help you get thicker hair from the root up.

Why hairspray, you might ask? Well, you may want to make your hair seem thicker while you are undergoing treatment, and a good hairspray really helps you sport a voluminous look. Get your hair styled regularly in the salon as well, and then use the hairspray on your hair to help you prep for subsequent hairstyles.

While hairspray is great at mimicking thickness, make sure that you choose a good brand of hairspray that won’t make your hair thin further.

Hot rollers
Hot rollers are a great way to get some volume in your hair without damaging the hair too much with heat. Ask your hairstylist to use hot rollers to give you that extra bounce, especially at the roots.

While highlights seem like a good idea for thinning hair, too many could actually cause thinning hair. However, with the right products and professional help, highlights can help your hair seem fuller and thicker. Make sure that your hair isn’t too dark or too light, for both tend to expose the scalp. Instead, go for mid-hue highlights that add some body and shimmer to your hair.

Sometimes, the quickest fix for your hair might be getting a trim. You’re not doing your hair any favours by keeping it damaged and long. Ask your stylist to give you hair a cut with long layers or blunt ends, both help to make the hair look thicker, and to remove all the split ends and damaged parts. A good haircut can help you hair look thicker as you explore other hair thickening treatments.

Body Wraps: Are They as Effective as Claimed?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear honey, clay, butter, chocolate and eucalyptus? No, these are not ingredients for an exotic dish but the requirements of a rejuvenating body wrap. Body wraps are the latest fad introduced by day spas. A body wrap promotes blood circulation and increases the body temperature to enhance your body’s functioning.

body wrap

Body wraps: What are they?
When the concept of body wrap was introduced, they were known as herbal wraps because of the ingredients used. Then, linen sheets were used instead of thermal blankets or plastic sheets. With time, body wraps evolved to grow beyond the ‘herbal wrap’ tag. A favourable choice for a spa day, the procedure of a body wrap is carried out in a dark room with relaxing background music. The procedure involves laying the thermal blanket on the massage table, over which a plastic sheet is placed. You are wrapped with this sheet and a third layer of warm towel cocoons you.

At first, a scrub is applied and a gentle massage exfoliates the dead skin to expose the soft and supple new layer. Scrub options include mud, green apple, pear, walnut, blueberry, rock salt, and so on. Post scrub, a warm shower washes off all the debris. The process of scrubbing is the preparation stage for a body wrap.

The wrap ingredients are smeared over the plastic sheet in a thin layer before wrapping it around the body. Once the wrap is completed, the electric blanket is pulled up to keep you warm. The temperature maintained by the blanket will leave you sweating for the entire duration which may last anywhere between half an hour to forty five minutes. If it’s your first time, the experience may be a tad bit uncomfortable because for the entire duration, your body movement is restricted.

Cooling down is a slow process. Moisture retaining body lotion is applied post rinsing to mark the completion of the procedure.

The options for body wrap include:
Detox wrap: The main ingredients include mud or seaweed that pull or tighten the skin.
Moisturising wraps: The ingredients and lotions used are many.
Cellulite treatment: Herbal concoctions that target the cellulite.
Slimming: The material used is smaller in size and the wraps are snugger.

Are they effective?
For a detox wrap, the claims made are promising, while there is lack of scientific validation that a mask drains out toxins from the body. Detoxification is dermal which means that sweating it out opens up clogs on the skin surface but the kidney and the liver are unaffected. The effectiveness of the wrap varies from spa to spa based on the ingredients they use. The effect of any slimming mask is temporary. Losing water weight gives the illusion of weight loss and the results are evident for a maximum time of two days

The verdict: Keep your expectations real. Yes, your skin will feel soft and fresh. With repeated treatments, the overall appearance will be improved.

What to Expect from Spa Days?

Every spa ‘virgin’ experiences many uncertainties before entering the spa. They are clueless on what to expect out of their visit. Before you get too vexed on the how’s, here is an itinerary for the events on a spa day.

spa break

Arrival: On arrival, the first thing that you encounter is the receptionist who will hand over a questionnaire. The questions here are quite basic inquiring about your health conditions and complications, if any. You are also asked to change into a pair of slippers; this is done to instill a sense of relaxation prior to the commencement of the services.

On completing the forms, you are directed to the area where you can change into the robe that is provided by the spa. Every spa provides a locker on arrival to keep your valuables. After changing, you are given a tour of the premises and a detailed explanation of all the services offered. You are shown the steam room, the various service stations, the eating area, gym and the swimming pool.

Ask your guide to show you beforehand the station where you are to receive the services so that you avoid being late for the treatment. Generally, it is advisable to wait in the waiting or relaxation room, commonly referred to as the ‘meditation room’, 10 minutes before the scheduled service is to begin.

Treatment expectation: A good spa starts off with a consultation with the client. The therapist first inquiries about your health conditions and your skin condition. Following which, the treatment that you’re about to receive is explained. All the steps and each one’s benefits are spoken about. If you are stuck not knowing if you have to remove your clothes or keep them on for the process, simply ask the therapist. Usually, it is only the back massages that require nudity. Procedures like facial, manicure and pedicure do not require the same. If you are required to strip, there are many draping techniques that the therapist follows to keep only the area to be worked over accessible. While the session is on, don’t hold back from expressing your like or dislike with a certain massage stroke. If there needs to be more pressure applied, say so, and the same goes for reducing the pressure.

After treatment: On completing the treatment of choice, you can spend the remaining day enjoying the other benefits of the spa like the fitness and health facilities, if they are a part of the chosen package. A relaxing dip in the pool, time in the sauna or breaking into sweat at the gym: the choice is yours. You may also avail other services like a facial or a pedicure depending on the staff availability and spa traffic. A day spa, in general, gives you the choice to choose more than one treatment per day spa appointment. It is advisable to make a booking for the services that you are interested in beforehand to save money. While exiting, the guests are required to sign in a register and leave comments.

Everything You Need To Know About Deep Tissue Massage

This is a kind of massage technique that primarily concentrates on realigning the deeper layers of connective tissues and muscles. This massage therapy is very useful for alleviating chronic pains, stiff necks, and pains in upper back, tightness in leg muscles, sore shoulders and low back pain.

Contrary to common belief, people go through deeper relaxation stage while receiving a deep tissue massage. A massage therapist makes use of direct pressure and warm oils so that your muscles top layer is relaxed and eventually reaches the inner layers in your muscles tissues.

deep tissue massage

Techniques of deep tissue massage
If someone goes through a chronic muscle injury or tension, he or she may experience adhesions i.e. rigid and painful tissue in ligaments, tendons and muscles. Such adhesions can cause obstructions in circulations thereby causing restricted movement, inflammation and pain. A deep tissue massage functions by physically decomposing these adhesions so that there is relief from pain and normal movement can be restored. Massage oil is used by a massage therapist along with deep and direct pressure. Your muscles should be relaxed well so that the massage therapist can access to the inner muscles tissues.

Is deep tissue massage hurtful?
When a massage therapist is performing the massage, many people may find some sort of pain and discomfort. If you are one of them, it is crucial for you to inform your massage therapist. This means notify him if you are experiencing any kind of pain, soreness or hurt that is beyond your range of comfort. In case you do feel any type of pain or stiffness after a session of deep tissue massage, you should not worry as this will subside within a couple of days. Your massage therapist may recommend that you apply a cold pack on the affected location after completing the massage.

A Deep Tissue Massage has various merits:

It concentrates on a particular problem like injury rehabilitation, chronic muscle pain and is beneficial in the following cases:
• Mobility is restricted
• Lower back pain
• Chronic pain
• Postural problems
• Strain injury that is repetitive in nature
• Recovery from injuries such as sports injury and falls
• Sciatica
• Osteoarthritis pain
• Piriformis syndrome

Can everyone go through a deep tissue massage? Here are some of the cases when someone should avoid undergoing a deep tissue massage:

• Soon after a radiation or chemotherapy session unless the doctor recommends for it
• Just after undergoing a surgery
• If there is an infectious disease of skin, open wounds or rash
• People who are vulnerable to blood clots. If a person suffers from a heart disease, he or she must consult a physician prior to having a deep tissue massage.
• Has osteoporosis, it is better to meet a doctor before undergoing this type of a massage.
• Has inflamed skin, bruises, abdominal hernia, tumours, recent fractures and unhealed wounds.
• Women who are pregnant should consult their gynaecologists before going for such a massage. They should approach a therapist who is a veteran in the field of pregnancy massages.

Planning a Bachelorette Spa Party

A spa party is a novel idea for a bachelorette that any bride-to-be will love. Not only does the soon-to-be-wed get to spend quality time with her girl pals, but also sit back and relax while indulging in some luxurious pampering. If you’re looking to plan a spa bachelorette, here are some tips that you can use.

spa party

Size of the party
A bachelorette party should include the bridesmaids, maid of honour, the bride’s closest friends, and moms. Make sure that it is not a large party, as the spa may not be able to accommodate as many people at once. It may also make it difficult to coordinate the bachelorette when you have too many guests on the list. Once you have the numbers confirmed, check with the spa to see if they can accommodate the same. Check with the spa to get a fair idea on whether the bachelorette party gets to spend time together as a group in the steam room or sauna, or between different spa treatments.

Picking a spa
There are many spa options that you can choose from depending on your needs. For instance, if you are looking for a special spa then you can try one by the beach, or if you have more time to spare then you can have a spa getaway over a weekend. Some spas have special bridal spa packages on offer. Aside from exclusive bridal spa treatments, they may even allow you to have the whole place for yourselves for a couple of hours. This way you can just let your hair down and enjoy the bachelorette, without any disruptions or intrusions.

Timing the party right
While some may suggest that you plan the spa bachelorette party just days before the wedding, we suggest otherwise. If you have been a part of wedding preparations before, then your probably know how the week-before-wedding schedule looks. No doubt, a spa day can give the bride a chance to unwind from all the wedding madness, but with little time to spare, it may be rushed. Another reason why you want to avoid a spa bachelorette just days before is because you want the bride to look her best on her big day. Sometimes, spa facials and other treatments may cause the skin to act up or make blemishes stand out prominently (depending on the skin type and the spa treatment). You can plan the spa bachelorette party weeks before the wedding day to be on the safer side.

Have fun with it!
Make your spa bachelorette fun, whether it’s by having a theme party or having spa-themed goodies. You can have spa-themed party treats, either cookies or cupcakes. You can have lovely home-spa products tucked in a cute basket with a bow for party favours. Of course, what’s a bachelorette without some fun games – from lingerie guessing to bachelorette treasure hunts, pick something that is fun and interesting. If you want to get some drinking into the spa party, then you should look at spas by vineyards!

Brazilian Waxing – 5 Things to ask before your treatment

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and get that much dreaded Brazilian waxing treatment for your nether regions. But do you have all the necessary information about Brazilian waxing and what it entails? When you book an appointment with a beautician at a parlour, arrive a little early to ask a few important questions before the waxing is actually done.

Brazilian waxing

Here are five things that every woman should know before a Brazilian waxing treatment:

1. The type of waxing
Brazilian waxing could involve the removal of all pubic hair, possibly leaving a slight ‘landing strip’ behind (if preferred by the client). This landing strip approach is usually called a ‘French wax’ but might be combined with Brazilian waxing.

You should ideally discuss the kind of waxing job you wish to get when you take an appointment. Ask the salon about the different options offered by them. Also enquire about the charges for the different kinds of wax and how long each would take to get done.

2. Training and experience
Generally, specialised waxing salons have skilled and experienced aestheticians. So you don’t need to worry about having a bad experience in such boutiques. However, hair salons might hire inexperienced staff members who are not certified to do this type of waxing. Laws require aestheticians to have their license for performing this job. It is important to ask your parlour if they have a certification for their aestheticians before you book yourself an appointment.

3. When to shave
This is an important question that every woman must ask her aesthetician before getting a Brazilian waxing treatment. When can you last shave before a waxing appointment? Typically, aestheticians ask you to let the pubic hair grow because when there is inadequate hair growth, the wax will not be able to get hold of the tiny hair and hence won’t work. It is highly recommended that you avoid shaving that area for a minimum of 5 to 10 days so that the hair growth is at least a quarter of an inch.

4. Waxing during your period
Even though you could ask your aesthetician if it is okay to wax in the middle of your period, it is important to know that the pubic area’s sensitivity level increases during menstruation. So you would only be putting yourself through additional pain by getting a Brazilian waxing treatment done during this time.

5. Frequency of waxing
Another thing to know about Brazilian waxing is the frequency at which you should get it done. Your aesthetician will tell you that the longer you wait, the thicker and longer your hair growth will become. This will end up hurting even more than the usual pain you experience.

You could also consult your doctor to check if he advises taking a pain killer before the appointment in order to ease the pain. Just remember that the pain becomes worse with increased hair growth. So make sure that you schedule your appointments in time.

Massage Melbourne
Isn’t it de-stressing when your partner gives you a relaxing massage after a long day at work? Imagine the calming effect that a fantastic massage would have on you. Massages are not just relaxing, they also offer several health benefits like boosting blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and alleviating pain. A massage is also said to firm up skin, so if you are dealing with sagging skin, you can give it a try. Whether you have time or not, do make a point to relax your body as well as mind completely with a massage regularly. Oh, and did we mention a relaxing massage session will also help you sleep better?

So if the thought of a healthy body and a peaceful mind catches your interest, you should head to a spa to try the following massage therapies.

1. Swedish Massage
One of the most common and popular massage therapies, a Swedish massage can be described as a simple massaging technique, which relies on some oil and kneading the body. Your massage therapist will apply some oil or massage lotion on your body, which will prevent skin friction and allow smooth movement. In a Swedish massage, the massage practitioner will use long, smooth strokes to relax the body. If you have never had a massage in a spa before, this is the one you should get started with.

2. Hot Stone Massage
As the name suggests, a hot stone massage is the one where warm stones are strategically placed on the body, at particular points. The massage is helpful in boosting blood circulation and is especially beneficial if your muscles are stiff. The involvement of hot stones and applying pressure at certain points in the body make the massage therapy a little complicated. So make sure you get it done only by an experienced professional. Basalt stones are normally used for the therapy and they are heated up before starting the session. The massage therapist may additionally apply some pressure on the points to relax your body further.

However, the massage should be avoided by diabetics and those suffering from heart conditions.

3. Thai massage
The technique involved in a Thai massage is slightly different, as instead of just kneading your body, the massage therapist will gently stretch parts of your body like hands, legs and fingers. It also involves applying pressure on certain points on the body. Thai massages are relaxing and also improve flexibility.

4. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a favourite among many people as it soothes not just the body, but also your senses. As the name suggests, the technique involves the use of scented, aromatic oils to relax the mind and the body. The essential oils used in aromatherapy help in reducing stress as well.

Other popular massage therapies include reflexology, shiatsu and deep tissue massage. Reflexology refers to massaging just the foot while Shiatsu is similar to a Thai massage. Shiatsu involves applying pressure on specific points in the body to relieve stress. A deep tissue massage is helpful in relaxing stiff muscles and providing relief from injuries.

makeup artist
Selecting the perfect foundation that suits the skin is essential for the other sections of makeup to have a flattering effect on the face. Most individuals that select foundations based on their skin tone turn up looking a couple of shades darker than their actual skin colour. The best way to access the right kind of foundation that is suitable to your skin is to carry out a skin test before purchase so that you do not have to waste money on buying a product which you are not likely to use.

Steps to find foundation

Foundation skin test
To access the right foundation colour for your skin, apply a small line of the foundation along the jaw line from ear to chin. If the shade is barely visible on the skin or is completely invisible then that is best suited for the individuals. Shades that are darker or lighter and are easily visible on the skin will make the person look either very pale or too dark.

Discovering your skin undertone
According to makeup experts, every individual has an undertone and the foundation has to be selected based on this for it to blend into the skin. While a person with warm undertone will have green or olive coloured veins, a cool undertone will have blue or purplish veins, and a person that has neutral tones will have a mix of both. Whichever foundation you select ensure that it is oil free and is applied on a lightly moisturised skin for the product to spread evenly.

Selecting coverage
While selecting the foundation you also have to keep in mind the coverage required if its to be medium, partial or sheer. If you want some part of natural skin to be visible through the foundation then use a shade that disappears on your skin. The coverage an individual requires is also dependent on the skin flaws that have to be hidden like acne, sunburn, large pores, fine lines and other minor imperfections that are common on natural skin.

Finding the right formula for different skin types
There are four basic skin types, namely normal, sensitive dry, oily and combination. Here are different types of foundations for most common skin types that can also be combined to suit individual’s sense of aesthetics and beauty.

1. Oily Skin – Oil free liquid foundation with light traces of silicone are best as they will not block the pores nor will it slide of the skin in humid conditions. The biggest problem with oily skin is blocked pores that cause pimple breakouts.

2. Dry skin – This skin type can cause carelessly applied foundation to appear like wrinkles on the face. The best thing to do would be to maintain skin hydration with anti-ageing skin foundations that have moisturising ingredients to maintain supple skin.

3. Normal skin – This low maintenance skin type can tolerate any kind of foundation and shine with a healthy glow. For a glamorous finish try out sheer liquids with shiny particles that reflect light.

4. Sensitive skin – Foundations with minerals like zinc that soothe the skin are best for sensitive skin as they do not irritate the skin and cover discolourations and broken capillaries.