Brazilian Waxing – Five Things To Ask before Your Treatment

Brazilian Waxing – 5 Things to ask before your treatment

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and get that much dreaded Brazilian waxing treatment for your nether regions. But do you have all the necessary information about Brazilian waxing and what it entails? When you book an appointment with a beautician at a parlour, arrive a little early to ask a few important questions before the waxing is actually done.

Brazilian waxing

Here are five things that every woman should know before a Brazilian waxing treatment:

1. The type of waxing
Brazilian waxing could involve the removal of all pubic hair, possibly leaving a slight ‘landing strip’ behind (if preferred by the client). This landing strip approach is usually called a ‘French wax’ but might be combined with Brazilian waxing.

You should ideally discuss the kind of waxing job you wish to get when you take an appointment. Ask the salon about the different options offered by them. Also enquire about the charges for the different kinds of wax and how long each would take to get done.

2. Training and experience
Generally, specialised waxing salons have skilled and experienced aestheticians. So you don’t need to worry about having a bad experience in such boutiques. However, hair salons might hire inexperienced staff members who are not certified to do this type of waxing. Laws require aestheticians to have their license for performing this job. It is important to ask your parlour if they have a certification for their aestheticians before you book yourself an appointment.

3. When to shave
This is an important question that every woman must ask her aesthetician before getting a Brazilian waxing treatment. When can you last shave before a waxing appointment? Typically, aestheticians ask you to let the pubic hair grow because when there is inadequate hair growth, the wax will not be able to get hold of the tiny hair and hence won’t work. It is highly recommended that you avoid shaving that area for a minimum of 5 to 10 days so that the hair growth is at least a quarter of an inch.

4. Waxing during your period
Even though you could ask your aesthetician if it is okay to wax in the middle of your period, it is important to know that the pubic area’s sensitivity level increases during menstruation. So you would only be putting yourself through additional pain by getting a Brazilian waxing treatment done during this time.

5. Frequency of waxing
Another thing to know about Brazilian waxing is the frequency at which you should get it done. Your aesthetician will tell you that the longer you wait, the thicker and longer your hair growth will become. This will end up hurting even more than the usual pain you experience.

You could also consult your doctor to check if he advises taking a pain killer before the appointment in order to ease the pain. Just remember that the pain becomes worse with increased hair growth. So make sure that you schedule your appointments in time.