Selecting The Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone

makeup artist
Selecting the perfect foundation that suits the skin is essential for the other sections of makeup to have a flattering effect on the face. Most individuals that select foundations based on their skin tone turn up looking a couple of shades darker than their actual skin colour. The best way to access the right kind of foundation that is suitable to your skin is to carry out a skin test before purchase so that you do not have to waste money on buying a product which you are not likely to use.

Steps to find foundation

Foundation skin test
To access the right foundation colour for your skin, apply a small line of the foundation along the jaw line from ear to chin. If the shade is barely visible on the skin or is completely invisible then that is best suited for the individuals. Shades that are darker or lighter and are easily visible on the skin will make the person look either very pale or too dark.

Discovering your skin undertone
According to makeup experts, every individual has an undertone and the foundation has to be selected based on this for it to blend into the skin. While a person with warm undertone will have green or olive coloured veins, a cool undertone will have blue or purplish veins, and a person that has neutral tones will have a mix of both. Whichever foundation you select ensure that it is oil free and is applied on a lightly moisturised skin for the product to spread evenly.

Selecting coverage
While selecting the foundation you also have to keep in mind the coverage required if its to be medium, partial or sheer. If you want some part of natural skin to be visible through the foundation then use a shade that disappears on your skin. The coverage an individual requires is also dependent on the skin flaws that have to be hidden like acne, sunburn, large pores, fine lines and other minor imperfections that are common on natural skin.

Finding the right formula for different skin types
There are four basic skin types, namely normal, sensitive dry, oily and combination. Here are different types of foundations for most common skin types that can also be combined to suit individual’s sense of aesthetics and beauty.

1. Oily Skin – Oil free liquid foundation with light traces of silicone are best as they will not block the pores nor will it slide of the skin in humid conditions. The biggest problem with oily skin is blocked pores that cause pimple breakouts.

2. Dry skin – This skin type can cause carelessly applied foundation to appear like wrinkles on the face. The best thing to do would be to maintain skin hydration with anti-ageing skin foundations that have moisturising ingredients to maintain supple skin.

3. Normal skin – This low maintenance skin type can tolerate any kind of foundation and shine with a healthy glow. For a glamorous finish try out sheer liquids with shiny particles that reflect light.

4. Sensitive skin – Foundations with minerals like zinc that soothe the skin are best for sensitive skin as they do not irritate the skin and cover discolourations and broken capillaries.