Everything You Need To Know About Deep Tissue Massage

Everything You Need To Know About Deep Tissue Massage

This is a kind of massage technique that primarily concentrates on realigning the deeper layers of connective tissues and muscles. This massage therapy is very useful for alleviating chronic pains, stiff necks, and pains in upper back, tightness in leg muscles, sore shoulders and low back pain.

Contrary to common belief, people go through deeper relaxation stage while receiving a deep tissue massage. A massage therapist makes use of direct pressure and warm oils so that your muscles top layer is relaxed and eventually reaches the inner layers in your muscles tissues.

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Techniques of deep tissue massage
If someone goes through a chronic muscle injury or tension, he or she may experience adhesions i.e. rigid and painful tissue in ligaments, tendons and muscles. Such adhesions can cause obstructions in circulations thereby causing restricted movement, inflammation and pain. A deep tissue massage functions by physically decomposing these adhesions so that there is relief from pain and normal movement can be restored. Massage oil is used by a massage therapist along with deep and direct pressure. Your muscles should be relaxed well so that the massage therapist can access to the inner muscles tissues.

Is deep tissue massage hurtful?
When a massage therapist is performing the massage, many people may find some sort of pain and discomfort. If you are one of them, it is crucial for you to inform your massage therapist. This means notify him if you are experiencing any kind of pain, soreness or hurt that is beyond your range of comfort. In case you do feel any type of pain or stiffness after a session of deep tissue massage, you should not worry as this will subside within a couple of days. Your massage therapist may recommend that you apply a cold pack on the affected location after completing the massage.

A Deep Tissue Massage has various merits:

It concentrates on a particular problem like injury rehabilitation, chronic muscle pain and is beneficial in the following cases:
• Mobility is restricted
• Lower back pain
• Chronic pain
• Postural problems
• Strain injury that is repetitive in nature
• Recovery from injuries such as sports injury and falls
• Sciatica
• Osteoarthritis pain
• Piriformis syndrome

Can everyone go through a deep tissue massage? Here are some of the cases when someone should avoid undergoing a deep tissue massage:

• Soon after a radiation or chemotherapy session unless the doctor recommends for it
• Just after undergoing a surgery
• If there is an infectious disease of skin, open wounds or rash
• People who are vulnerable to blood clots. If a person suffers from a heart disease, he or she must consult a physician prior to having a deep tissue massage.
• Has osteoporosis, it is better to meet a doctor before undergoing this type of a massage.
• Has inflamed skin, bruises, abdominal hernia, tumours, recent fractures and unhealed wounds.
• Women who are pregnant should consult their gynaecologists before going for such a massage. They should approach a therapist who is a veteran in the field of pregnancy massages.