What to Expect from Spa Days?

What to Expect from Spa Days?

Every spa ‘virgin’ experiences many uncertainties before entering the spa. They are clueless on what to expect out of their visit. Before you get too vexed on the how’s, here is an itinerary for the events on a spa day.

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Arrival: On arrival, the first thing that you encounter is the receptionist who will hand over a questionnaire. The questions here are quite basic inquiring about your health conditions and complications, if any. You are also asked to change into a pair of slippers; this is done to instill a sense of relaxation prior to the commencement of the services.

On completing the forms, you are directed to the area where you can change into the robe that is provided by the spa. Every spa provides a locker on arrival to keep your valuables. After changing, you are given a tour of the premises and a detailed explanation of all the services offered. You are shown the steam room, the various service stations, the eating area, gym and the swimming pool.

Ask your guide to show you beforehand the station where you are to receive the services so that you avoid being late for the treatment. Generally, it is advisable to wait in the waiting or relaxation room, commonly referred to as the ‘meditation room’, 10 minutes before the scheduled service is to begin.

Treatment expectation: A good spa starts off with a consultation with the client. The therapist first inquiries about your health conditions and your skin condition. Following which, the treatment that you’re about to receive is explained. All the steps and each one’s benefits are spoken about. If you are stuck not knowing if you have to remove your clothes or keep them on for the process, simply ask the therapist. Usually, it is only the back massages that require nudity. Procedures like facial, manicure and pedicure do not require the same. If you are required to strip, there are many draping techniques that the therapist follows to keep only the area to be worked over accessible. While the session is on, don’t hold back from expressing your like or dislike with a certain massage stroke. If there needs to be more pressure applied, say so, and the same goes for reducing the pressure.

After treatment: On completing the treatment of choice, you can spend the remaining day enjoying the other benefits of the spa like the fitness and health facilities, if they are a part of the chosen package. A relaxing dip in the pool, time in the sauna or breaking into sweat at the gym: the choice is yours. You may also avail other services like a facial or a pedicure depending on the staff availability and spa traffic. A day spa, in general, gives you the choice to choose more than one treatment per day spa appointment. It is advisable to make a booking for the services that you are interested in beforehand to save money. While exiting, the guests are required to sign in a register and leave comments.