Four Message Therapies You Must Try!

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Isn’t it de-stressing when your partner gives you a relaxing massage after a long day at work? Imagine the calming effect that a fantastic massage would have on you. Massages are not just relaxing, they also offer several health benefits like boosting blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and alleviating pain. A massage is also said to firm up skin, so if you are dealing with sagging skin, you can give it a try. Whether you have time or not, do make a point to relax your body as well as mind completely with a massage regularly. Oh, and did we mention a relaxing massage session will also help you sleep better?

So if the thought of a healthy body and a peaceful mind catches your interest, you should head to a spa to try the following massage therapies.

1. Swedish Massage
One of the most common and popular massage therapies, a Swedish massage can be described as a simple massaging technique, which relies on some oil and kneading the body. Your massage therapist will apply some oil or massage lotion on your body, which will prevent skin friction and allow smooth movement. In a Swedish massage, the massage practitioner will use long, smooth strokes to relax the body. If you have never had a massage in a spa before, this is the one you should get started with.

2. Hot Stone Massage
As the name suggests, a hot stone massage is the one where warm stones are strategically placed on the body, at particular points. The massage is helpful in boosting blood circulation and is especially beneficial if your muscles are stiff. The involvement of hot stones and applying pressure at certain points in the body make the massage therapy a little complicated. So make sure you get it done only by an experienced professional. Basalt stones are normally used for the therapy and they are heated up before starting the session. The massage therapist may additionally apply some pressure on the points to relax your body further.

However, the massage should be avoided by diabetics and those suffering from heart conditions.

3. Thai massage
The technique involved in a Thai massage is slightly different, as instead of just kneading your body, the massage therapist will gently stretch parts of your body like hands, legs and fingers. It also involves applying pressure on certain points on the body. Thai massages are relaxing and also improve flexibility.

4. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a favourite among many people as it soothes not just the body, but also your senses. As the name suggests, the technique involves the use of scented, aromatic oils to relax the mind and the body. The essential oils used in aromatherapy help in reducing stress as well.

Other popular massage therapies include reflexology, shiatsu and deep tissue massage. Reflexology refers to massaging just the foot while Shiatsu is similar to a Thai massage. Shiatsu involves applying pressure on specific points in the body to relieve stress. A deep tissue massage is helpful in relaxing stiff muscles and providing relief from injuries.