To Visit Or Not To Visit

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There’s just no doubt about the need for regular hair and beauty care. Today’s fast-paced city living wreaks havoc on your health and well-being, including your skin, hair, nails and appearance. No time to eat right, exercise good or sleep tight.

Following a strict skin and hair care regime religiously is perhaps one of the few things you can do to care for your health and appearance. You already know that, don’t you? No doubts there at all.

Doubts arise when deciding an approach for the same. DIY hair and beauty care at home or professional care at hair and beauty salons? Does the dilemma feel familiar? Sure it does. You’re not alone!

Solving the home vs beauty salon dilemma – A good way to solve the dilemma is to consider the benefits for your hair, skin and appearance each provides, verses the complications or “pain points” of following each method.

DIY hair and beauty care at home:

Convenience and cost-effectiveness are the biggest pros of a DIY care routine. You do not have to make time for the appointment. You do not have to put in any special effort for the appointment as well. No getting ready. No driving to the salon. However, you have to put significant effort in preparing for the care routine and administering it to yourself.

You will have to research products, purchase them, do the initial preparations (some require preparations to be made overnight) and then apply it yourself. While self exfoliation, moisturization or application of face pack may be easy, not all processes will be that simple. Facials, massages, manicures can become rather overwhelming.

IT also includes risks associated with the wrong/improper administration of hair and beauty care techniques. For instance, did you know that you can cause your facial skin to sag and wrinkle by massaging it the wrong way? Similarly, experimenting with bleaches, hair colors and other chemical products for nails, hair or skin can be potentially harmful if done wrong.

However, when done right, you can enjoy some cost savings. Convenience may not be a significant factor here because extensive hair and beauty-care treatments demand a lot of effort, even when done at home.

Professional care at a hair and beauty salon:

Professional expertise is the biggest advantage of visiting a salon. Salons carry a larger range of products and services. Their executives are trained in the art of caring for appearance and beautifying people. Simple skin care routines like hair removal tend to be more effective and lasting when done at the salon. With procedures such as laser hair removal or even the good ol’ waxing, you can greatly reduce hair growth, thereby eliminating the need for frequent shaving at home, or visits to the salon in the future.

Take another example – hair care. Work done to restore the health, length or luster of your tresses at the hair salon will be faster, more effective and less hassle-free for you, than those done at home. You will be able to enjoy the results faster. In addition, you can sport the latest hair styles or use state-of-the-art products, which won’t be possible at home.

Similarly, through professional facials, face massages and body massages, you can solve a variety of skin problems and gain beautiful, glowing skin within weeks if not days. Manicure and pedicure for clean, soft and beautiful hands and feet, oxygen bleach, pro-collagen quartz lift or enzyme facial for clear complexion and great skin – you name it, the professionals at your hair and beauty salon will do it!

The final verdict – How about mixing and matching the two to get care that is both efficient and cost-effective? You can visit your hair, nail or beauty salon say twice a month, and engage in DIY beauty projects three to four times a month.