Hair Volume And The Salon

Hair Volume and the Salon

Has your hairdresser recently pointed out that your hair is thinning? If so, then treatments to help increase hair volume might be a useful avenue for you to follow. With science evolving every day, there are now proven ways for you to help increase the volume of your hair. Read on to find out what some of them are.

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Before you even begin to think about treatment, it is useful to know that hair thinning is usually a symptom of a larger issue. Some hormonal disorders, like thyroid, may result in thinning hair. Make sure that you get yourself checked out by your doctor if you are confronted with suddenly thinning hair. There may be larger issues at place.

Volumising treatments
Shampoos with zinc, mint oil and other compounds are often a good method to encourage induce hair thickness. Lots of salons offer personalised thinning hair treatments, which often involve the application of a shampoo, conditioner, serum, and a mask, if not more. Regularly going for these treatments, especially if you start to see a noticeable difference, can help you quickly reverse your hair thinning trend.

Apart from treatments at the salon, there are also at-home treatments that you could pursue, often in the form of using salon-recommended products to promote hair growth. In the last few years, more and more dermatology journals are confirming the effectiveness of active ingredients like zinc in the promotion of hair growth. These products can help you get thicker hair from the root up.

Why hairspray, you might ask? Well, you may want to make your hair seem thicker while you are undergoing treatment, and a good hairspray really helps you sport a voluminous look. Get your hair styled regularly in the salon as well, and then use the hairspray on your hair to help you prep for subsequent hairstyles.

While hairspray is great at mimicking thickness, make sure that you choose a good brand of hairspray that won’t make your hair thin further.

Hot rollers
Hot rollers are a great way to get some volume in your hair without damaging the hair too much with heat. Ask your hairstylist to use hot rollers to give you that extra bounce, especially at the roots.

While highlights seem like a good idea for thinning hair, too many could actually cause thinning hair. However, with the right products and professional help, highlights can help your hair seem fuller and thicker. Make sure that your hair isn’t too dark or too light, for both tend to expose the scalp. Instead, go for mid-hue highlights that add some body and shimmer to your hair.

Sometimes, the quickest fix for your hair might be getting a trim. You’re not doing your hair any favours by keeping it damaged and long. Ask your stylist to give you hair a cut with long layers or blunt ends, both help to make the hair look thicker, and to remove all the split ends and damaged parts. A good haircut can help you hair look thicker as you explore other hair thickening treatments.