Ibiza Hair – Albert Park

151 Victoria Ave, Albert Park, Melbourne, VIC, 3206

Ibiza Hair caters for male and female, of all ages. They provide hair and beauty services from style cuts, foiling, colour, hair extensions, Keratin treatment, colour correction and hair-up styles. We use and recommend Schwarzkopf Professional and L’Oreal Professional products.

Ibiza Hair is located in Albert Park has over 130 National and International Awards. Michael Piastrino and his team are part of Team Australia for Farouk Systems USA, guest artists for Schwarzkopf Professional Australia and guest artists for L’Oreal Professional.

Services Offered:
Styling, Cutting & Colouring, Hair Extensions, Keratin Treatments

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Ibiza Hair - Albert Park
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 14 reviews
by catherine on Ibiza Hair - Albert Park
Fantastic Extensions

Thank you so much for my hair today.

I find it very weird that you have two very bad reviews on this page. But I guess you can't please everyone . My hair has always been on point , me and my girlfriends all go to the salon and always leave soooo happy

by Sophia Cretan on Ibiza Hair - Albert Park
Best Salon in Melbourne

Cannot recommend Ibiza Hair highly enough. I visited the salon for a colour correction after a stripy hair disaster. I found out about the salon on Instagram and, given their impressive reputation, I assumed that the stylists would be a bit snobby and pretentious. I couldn't have been more wrong. From the second I walked in I was welcomed with such warmth and I felt immediately comfortable. Adrian and I had a quick consultation and after showing him a photo of my desired hair colour he immediately knew what to do. While I was waiting for my colour to process, Michael brought me gnocchi (seriously!!) and an Aperol spritz. Talk about being pampered! The whole team chatted to me on such a personal level, no small talk, just genuine conversation. Needless to say, my hair turned out PERFECTLY - exactly the same as the photo. Caitlyn then did my cut and style (and she absolutely nailed it) , and I have honestly never felt so beautiful in my life. I can't wait to go back and I will be telling all of my friends and family of the high level of professionalism, friendliness and competence of the entire team at Ibiza Hair. THANK YOU for giving me my dream hair.

by Tiarra Taylor on Ibiza Hair - Albert Park
Worst Experience Ever

I totally agreed with Fiona and Eve. It was possibility the worst experience in my life.

They do a good con job of convincing you that what they suggest at an exorbitant amount that it will be amazing etc. Michael is just a good sales person to suck you in promising the world and delivering poor end result.

Don't be fooled by the awards etc as they it's all for show and you can go elsewhere for half the price and get a better job done. Don't trust them or you'll come out extremely frustrated and disappointed in what they promise.

They just don't listen to what you need and your concerns. They are only there to see dollar signs and rip you off blind.

by Fiona on Ibiza Hair - Albert Park
Worst Experience of my life

DO NOT Trust Michael & avoid the extensions.

On Saturday the 18th Aug after a consultation with Michael a week earlier I arrived at Ibiza hair to get a full head of extensions treatment Colour and cut. This had been quoted as a very expensive change but I was happy to pay for “the best” and Michael had assured me that it would be amazing and fit all my needs (natural and easy to tie up with minimal maintenance) total being nearly 2 and a half thousand dollars 💸

That Saturday I arrived at 9am and left at 5pm. Caitlin did a spectacular job lightening and foiling my WHOLE head which when dried I freaked out about as I wanted natural I wanted to keep my regrowth as I no longer wanted to deal with blonde hair! It’s ok they said as the toned down my roots. I’ll admit I like the colour of my hair.

Then for the micro bead extensions, as they where being installed I voiced to Fran a few times that the extension wasn’t the same colour as my hair, to which I would be fobbed off with “no it looks great”. Towards the end of the install I called Michael over and said what are we doing about this colour the extensions don’t match. No problem he says we will tone them when finished.

Ok back to he basin for like the 5th time. Problem is Michael only toned the ends of my extensions not the entire length. I’ll admit here I wear glasses and can’t see when they are off, plus I trusted these guys so wasn’t really overly judgmental. They blew out my hair and from the front it looked great, mind you my hair was out and I never got mirrored the back of my hair.

When I got home I threw my hair into a pony and was immediately upset, the extensions where so visible horrible streaks and the beads where so close to my hair line. I emailed the team immediately to voice my concerns and Michael said they could correct as soon as they opened again Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning I turn up at Ibiza still very upset, to painfully have extensions removed from my hair line and put into the back of my hair. I cried and pretty much everyone but Caitlin didn’t listen. Michael finally turned up after I had been in the salon for two hours and treated it as if it was nothing and that he would have followed up with me. (Side note the team where very aware that I was moving country on Thursday and this was the only time I had to correct) anyway after 4 hours the colour was corrected in the extensions and I quickly put my hair in a pony to which I could tell the streaks had been fixed, I was pretty much in tears and really should have had a much deeper look at the work, but Caitlin and Michael both told me it was the best they could do and they where proud of the work so I left in a hurry still upset at the entire situation.

In the next 24 hours 20+ hair extensions slipped out. Over the next 4 days I had a good handful.

Micheal sees dollar signs and has accused me of harassing his staff by emailing asking for a refund and being unhappy with the work. I’ve spent $1500 on extensions that had to be removed after less then a week. They are not of the quality he claims and I will not 4 years out of the hair being reinstalled as already the bonds are frayed.

This has been a devastating experience for me. Please ladies do not go here

by Eve on Ibiza Hair - Albert Park
Worst colour and haircut I have ever had

I am only sharing my experience to warn others from making the same mistake I did.

‘Best hairdresser in Melbourne’ - well I wish I could post photos of my orange blotchy streaks and mullet haircut!!

Several errors were made including the toner being left on 20 minutes past the buzzer which took my bleached hair back to a brunette 🤦‍♀️

Be prepared to pay $600 to $1500 - not to mention 8 hours of your life in a salon chair 😤

After complaining about not being happy with my hair, I was given 2 free products to cover up the error (and to keep quiet) - I also felt pressured to pay and get out.

Feeling angry at myself - for paying an overpriced hairdresser for a botched job! I then requested a partial refund of $400 (as this was the cost of getting my hair fixed elsewhere)

The salon refused and stated that they had a meeting and there was nothing wrong with the work Michael and Adrian had performed on my hair!

So the last resort is to share my experience in hopes that in future this salon will accept responsibility and not charge customers $600+ for botched jobs 😡

by Haley Windahl on Ibiza Hair - Albert Park
Amazing Job

Had my hair done over the weekend, going from Blonde for 28 years to Auburn red I was really anxious. My hair looks amazing Adrian did a great job, so natural and healthy. The staff were so friendly and made me feel really comfortable. I was a bit taken back and the cost, but totally worth it.

by danny on Ibiza Hair - Albert Park

All i can say is these guys are the best hair colourists in Melbourne. my hair was black and in one sitting they turned me a clean blonde. thank you!

by sarah on Ibiza Hair - Albert Park

Very pleased with my hair and my mums hair. We have only ever gone to one other salon which was in the city but when we moved to Elwood we waned to try another salon becasue going back to the city was just to much. We were told Ibiza hair in Albert park was the place to go. I did alot of research and asked alot of the locals about the salon. The response i got was that the salon has won many awards including colourist of the year so that made me feel very good about going with mum. Also the response was that the alon was full of life and that there was zero ego there and the owner omg was the most amazing person ever. I didnt even know he was the owner because of how young he looked (mid 30s) he bought my mum and i lunch from the cafe due to us being there for a bit because of the colour . When we left he and his team all said goodbye to us and they really care . My hair and mums hair looks amazing and i just wish we found Ibiza hair years ago. Who ever reads this and are searching for a new place to go, well go see these guys they rock. My number one hair salon in melbourne xxoo

by darcy on Ibiza Hair - Albert Park

Fantastic group of hairdressers. A huge change was what i was after and the Hairdresser Michael whom cut and styled my hair and Adrian whom coloured my hair were just artists. My hair had always had a standard half head of foils at another salon in South Yarra but i wanted a change and i asked a few of my girlfriends who they go to and all of them suggested Ibiza hair. I decided to go in for a consult and straight away i knew these guys knew there stuff from the no pressure sales to just making me lok beautiful . They were not pushy , they suggested all the things i needed from hair extensions to thicken up my hair to a keratin treatment for soft silky hair. I can not rave enough about these two guys. And the rest of the team were so lovely. The girl who washed my hair i think here name was Sophie she was very sweet. The salon is located at 151 Victoria ave Albert Park. 5 stars for this salon

by brit on Ibiza Hair - Albert Park

perfect salon to visit for a makeover.

very pleased with everything that was offered to me. my colour which is blonde I perfect

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