Joe Giampa HAIR INC – South Yarra

1/389 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC, 3141

A Hairdressing career spanning 4 decades owning and operating some of Melbourne’s best salons and employing dozens of hairdressers with many accolades under his belt.
Joe Giampà’s signature dry hair cutting approach has been showcased around the world and used by hundreds of his students.

Joe has always believed that hair should be looked at as a sculptor would.
Shaping it to work in its natural flow.
Allowing hair to move freely without being necessarily styled.
Styling becomes a personal choice once you have a beautiful shape to work with.

Joe’s reputation amongst his peers and loyal following of clients has positioned him amongst some of the best hairdressers in Australia and abroad.

Joe’s approach not only delves into the art of the cut itself but also the way in which to excite the client by serving them so powerfully that their whole world changes.

Become enthralled by Joe’s natural and captivating style on delivering beautiful haircuts that maintain a sense of individuality and a feeling of presence for the wearer.

One of Joe’s quotes.

“ if you are going to be judged, make sure you are exquisitely unforgettable “

Joe’s philosophy on his service…

To express myself creatively, to create a great hairstyle that stands out from the crowd, a look good feel good philosophy.

My signature work is a soft approach in the art of the DRY haircut, soft styling and coloring.
The outcome is always a beautifully balanced wearable style that attracts compliments.

My approach comes from an artistic and holistic perspective.
An evolutionary process through artistic expertise in the industry that fuels my passion to deliver the best haircuts possible.

Aware of clients needs and wants, skilfully steering them towards a look that works for their hair type and lifestyle.

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Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra
Average rating:  
 117 reviews
by Candace on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra
A revelation

Joe’s dry cutting technique was a revelation! He completely re-educated me on my hair with an introduction to his Spray Leave-In Conditioner (versus the conventional stuff). I used to feel so-so about my hair, now I love it! Thanks Joe!

by Melina on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra
This guy is a hair genius!!!!

To put it simple!, If you want the best hair cut EVER and one that makes you look fabulous go to Joe Giampa.

He cut, shaped and styled my long hair to perfection. FINALLY, I found someone I can trust with my hair.. He does a one on one without interruptions, just totally professional.

He has his own hair products which i thought i'd purchased to try. Money well spent.. I brought his spray leave in condition and his Define and shine pomade HIs products are Rose Scent and smell absolutely divine.. I love what he did with my hair, I will be returning definitely.

by Julia on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra
Quite simply a brilliant craftsman

Joe is an incredibly skilled cutter and colourist. Very talented and experienced. Very professional and personable. Love my hair and would highly recommend him to others

by Robyn on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra
Absolutely Fabulous

My first appointment at Poser last week was the Best!!

Joe is truly the Master of Haircuts!!

I left the Salon Very Happy with my new haircut!!

Thank you so much Joe.

by Cathy Manno on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe cut my hair for the first time this week. He is the fifth hairdresser I have seen since moving to Melbourne four years ago,

Happily I can say with confidence that I have finally found my hairdresser. His experience, skill and natural talent coupled with his warmth and ability to truly listen enables him to deliver a hair cut that suits both his client’s look and lifestyle.

by Daniela on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra
Great service!

Joe is a true professional! Gave me an advise on my hairstyle and recommended ideas, which I probably wouldn’t think of myself! Highly recommend!

by Bethlene Waite on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra
Great cut

Thanks Jo for the great haircut. I have had many compliments and very easy to manage with all the swimming. See you again in a few months. It's worth the trip to Melbourne.

by Magdalena on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Great Haircut.Love it!.Very professional and great attention to detail.

I will be back!

Thank you Joe.


by Linda on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra
Super Cut

Thank you Joe for a fabulous haircut. I’m delighted with the results. I’m confident that I’m in brilliant hands.

by Joss on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra
Master cutter

First visit to Joe and he nailed the hair cut and colour first time. He is a master of his craft.

by Pam Edward on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe took the trouble to listen to what I wanted, and worked with the flow of my hair to produce exactly what I wanted.

He showed me how I could modify the cut he gave me to produce different looks with minimal effort, and in no time at all.

I walked out on cloud nine.

Thank you, Joe.

by Rebekah Chapman on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe is amazing. I knew he was a true artist as soon as he looked at my face and talked about bone structure and colouring. I knew I was after some sort of "tousled pixie style" and as soon as he started talking I knew I could just relax and let him do his thing. I remember straight away saying, "Great. I trust you. Do your thing!"

The cut really makes my eyes pop and is sophisticated and playful. I've already been called "Foxy" and "cute", and am getting compliments all over the place, even noticing appreciative looks from strangers! Can't wait to come back and let him colour me blonde!

by Tina on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Thank you Joe. I am loving my new hair style 🙂

by Audrey gerardin on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I came to the salon for my first visit this week for a much needed haircut.

Roman was amazing with recommending a suitable hair cut.

The staff is really friendly, welcoming and professional.

I will definitely be back!

by Ajay on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I've always had trouble with my hair. I just told roman to do his thing

& since then my hair looks & feels great & also it's so easy to style. I'm excited of what your going to think of next

by Jodi on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe was able to give me a new style and cut within minutes! Which also complemented my face and I left feeling really happy!

by Julie Nuske on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

What a wonderful experience, fantastic to find a hairdresser that can cut hair.

All the staff a so polite, definitely be going there again

Thank you,thank you and thanks again Joe.

by Shelley on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Great hair cut, Joe was very patient and I did not feel rushed and did not have to wait - my appointment was on time and there was no endless chatter which I appreciate, just concentration and care on my hair cut. A very enjoyable head massage and condition.

The salon has a nice relaxed feel - the only down side is the parking is only 1 hour nearby.


by Alley on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

My appointment didn't only consist of a simple hair cut, it was an experience which you look forward to when you go to get your hair done. The best experience which I have had so far. Consultation and advice, unique cutting style and hair treatment. Joe has transformed my hair from long to short and I love it!

by Alison on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

After searching for a hairdresser that understood my baby fine hair in Melbourne for 5 years, I'm so pleased to have discovered Joe, and dismayed that it took me so long to find him!

My cut is beautiful and the styling is a breeze. If you have fine hair, then I promise that you will leave the salon very happy with your new style and that feeling will continue after the first wash and home style!

by Helene Hagemans on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I love my new hair cut! A friend of mine referred me to Joe's salon in High Street and I am so glad she did! Joe is a true artist. I have short hair and that means it has to be cut really well! And he did. It has taken me about ten hair dressers to finally find the one. I already look forward to my next appointment!

by Jackie Farrar on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

So I decided it was time for a change and booked an appointment with Roman.

Now I don't trust just anyone with such a drastic change, but after our initial consultation I honestly could not have felt more safe and trusting.

I have been to many salons before to have a front fringe cut and they never got it right, but with Roman it was different.

He listened to what I wanted, he understood the length and look I was going for and this showed in the final result.

I could not be more happier and my hair has never looked so healthy and shiny!

He recommended the right products to use and demonstrated different ways to dry and style my hair, it was so amazing to have him pass all this knowledge on during my visit.

If you are looking for a hairdresser with great talent and knowledge, who will listen to your needs and style, I highly recommend that you book in an appointment.

The vibe in the salon was fun and exciting and I will most definitely be back for my next look!

by Jackie Farrar on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

So I decided it was time for a change and booked an appointment with Roman.

Now I don't trust just anyone with such a drastic change, but after our initial consultation I honestly could not have felt more safe and trusting.

I have been to many salons before to have a front fringe cut and they never got it right, but with Roman it was different.

He listened to what I wanted, he understood the length and look I was going for and this showed in the final result.

I could not be more happier and my hair has never looked so healthy and shiny!

He recommended the right products to use and demonstrated different ways to dry and style my hair, it was so amazing to have him pass all this knowledge on during my visit.

If you are looking for a hairdresser with great talent and knowledge, who will listen to your needs and style, I highly recommend that you book in an appointment.

The vibe in the salon was fun and exciting and I will most definitely be back for my next look!

by Eloise Ryan on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

First time at Capellini da GG and I will be back. Roman did a great job and made me feel very relaxed. He worked out exactly what I wanted and even gave me styling advice for home care. Best haircut I've ever had. Thanks so much.

by Leticia on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I walked past this salon on Saturday, I was wedding dress shopping in the centre, and saw how all the clients inside had great hair. Before I left I went inside and spoke to Joe who was standing behind the desk. I asked him about hair extensions and he took me over to a chair and gave me a consultation right then and there. We picked out the perfect matching colour from a sample and booked an appointment for the following Wednesday. On my visit on Wed my hair was washed with a lovely head massage, then blow dried gently (no yanking or pain throughout the entire process). Then my hair extensions were put in whilst I sipped on a cute fruit tea (perfect temperature, no burning my mouth). Then after my hair extension were in. Joe took over and cut the extensions in, amazingly he didn't take heaps of hair off (just the tinniest bit). Then after showing me my amazing new hair, we had a chat (which made me forget my shampoo and conditioner) and bid farewell. I went back to pick up the forgotten shampoo and conditioner today and was remembered and served straight away. I must also say, because it is a small intimate salon its not super noising from all the hairdryers.

by Denise Kitchingman on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Visited this salon for the first time last Thursday. I had my hair cut, had foils put in,shampoo treatment and blowave. The salon is relaxing, staff are friendly and listen to what you want. Music is appropriate and there is complimentary fruit tea to sip on. The experience at the basin was restful with a massage chair to lay back and relax on. Will definately return for a second visit.

by Moira Clarkson on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Too often I come out of a salon happy , but by the time I am home the blow dry has fallen flat and no one even notices I've been to the hairdressers. I tried capelli, as my local salon is about to shut and I was not disappointed. It looked like a beautiful salon so i was a little nervous that they would turn their noses up at my slightly dishevelled look. But instead joe gave me a safe and a more radical option. He sounded like he know what he was doing so I went for the new look. Much shorter than I have ever had. And it looks stunning. I woke up the next day and washed my hair and it still looked good. Not just a lot of fancy product and clever styling that you can never replicate. I did nearly fall asleep on their awesome massage chair though. I will definitely be back. Lovely friendly people who are true experts . Thanks joe.

by Natasha on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

It has been two years since I cut my hair. The last hair dresser I had visited...basically ruined my hair so I didn't really trust going somewhere I didn't know again. After seeing videos of the professionalism and passion behind CAPELLI da GG I thought I would try them out. The welcoming service, relaxed and modern atmosphere and trust I developed with Roman and Joe was phenomenal. I'm a long hair kind of girl and to form the trust that they obviously knew what's best for my hair and cutting a large amount of hair I now have short hair, but healthy, glowing and strong. I highly recommend CAPELLI da GG Hair Salon to all men and women of all ages and guarantee that you too will walk out of the salon with a unique and flawless look. Thank you to Roman and Joe I appreciate your generosity and I will be back soon for my new colour experience.

by Teresa on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

My hair was destroyed by sea water, inexperienced hairdressers and long hours in the sun and although I wanted to keep the length I knew it was time for the chop. Roman listened to what I needed with a hairstyle and I came out feeling new and refreshed. He advised me on product knowledge and left with a new hair oil I love, a new hair style and a future appointment. I will recommend this salon to anyone of all ages. There were also no problems moving my appointment to a day early which was great!

by Panda on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

My experience at Capelli da GG was truly unique and exceeded my expectations! I'm so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a new salon because I didn't just walk out of there with amazing hair but I left feeling completely relaxed, refreshed and distressed! The vibe of this salon is beautiful and tranquil. Roman totally transformed my hair and delivered exactly what I was envisioning. His confidence, focus and creativity made it easy to put my trust and confidence in him and the end result was better more than I could have hoped for! Thank you Roman! You're a keeper!

by Mary Giang on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I had one of my favourite &  best experience at Capelli Da GG hair &  spa salon.  Roman has attention to detail & passion in his work.  He met my request of creating an easy to manage fuss free hairstyle with a fringe that sits flat against my forehead with a natural shape,  is flattering & suits my busy lifestyle . After a month,  I m still in love with this bob.  Thank you Roman,  it is a pleasure to meet someone who is friendly,  talented & passionate about their work & ensure the clients needs are satisfied .  I will definitely be back &  recommending my friends.

by Angela james on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe was able to sculpt my hair to a new modern easy to look after style. The experience was a pleasure. Joe was on time , with suggestions of what would be suitable for me and my hair. He also gave me some tips how to make it easy For me to manage which has been great. It certainly is the salon I will return to.

by Stephanie on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

After umming and ahhing on whether or not to cut my hair from mermaid length to my collar bone, I finally made the decision to talk to Joe at Capella da GG and he reassured me from the moment I met him, so much that we made the cut the next day! I have had long hair for about 5 years and would never let anyone cut it shorter then a trim but with Joe I just let him do his thing and the end result was amazing, it suits me so much more, I have had so many compliments on it and I have never looked back. Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to my next appointment !

by Ashleigh McBean on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I called up late on a Tuesday and Roman was able to fit me in the very next day which is always handy. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted done so I asked Roman what he thought. Keeping in mind I had a bunch of different shades of blonde with some horrible regrowth. We decided to go for an ombré look and return to my natural colour. Couldn't be happier. I was nervous about getting a big trim however it was definitely necessary. Very happy with the result and will be returning ✔️✔️

by Laura Musgrave on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Thank you Capelli da GG for fitting me in at such short notice. Absolutely love my new look by Roman, he's so talented and very impressed with his dry cutting technique. Overall it was a great experience and I'll definitely be back!

by Maddalena on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Last Friday I had my first appointment at Capelli da GG and Roman did a wonderful job of dry cutting my hair, dying and styling it. I was very happy with the result straight away and am even happier now after washing my hair at home and realising how manageable this haircut is. Thanks Roman!

Looking forward to my next appointment 🙂

by Amber Hewitt on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

In my life I've had two fantastic hairdressers. Roman from Capelli is now one of them. I've finally found my hairdresser and cannot wait to go back. I'm absolutely ecstatic with the result of my new hairdo.

by Cynthia Jennings on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Roman @ CAPELLI da GG Hair Salon is awesome. Very talented and friendly. Gave me an amazing hairstyle that I adore and took the time to listen to my needs and concerns. Highly recommend this salon that I discovered via an on-line shopping site.

by Patrice Alea on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

The first haircut I had in 3 years... and they did an amazing job! All the staff were all friendly and accomodating right from the start.

Kristen listened to all the wants/desires as well as the doubts I had and catered to my needs perfectly. They take the smallest details into consideration. You can really tell they invest alot of time and effort in making sure customers have the best possible experience and walk out with a haircut they'll be happy with. I'm already considering my next appointment and will definitely recommend to anyone I know!

by Megan Watkins on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

After struggling for a number of months to find a hair dressers I feel like I have finally found one! I could not be happier with my hair cut and colour, the Staff were so personable I look forward to my next appointment!

by Ainsley Newson on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Right from the get-go, the team were very friendly and accomodating. My consultation was very thorough, I showed a picture of the look I was going for and Danni explained that we will try the best we can but with my hair type it would be as light as the photo. She was very professional and helpful and I am in love with my new look! The colour is absolutely perfect and to top it all off, the first hairdresser to actually listen when you say "trim" and "just cut the ends off", my hair doesn't even look that much shorter yet it's so vibrant and healthy. Not so local for me, but I will definitely be making the trip every time I need a visit to the hairdresser. Danni you are incredible thank you!!!!

by Jorja on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Just amazing, professional and welcoming, above and beyond for service, great atmosphere and awesome cut. Have found my new hairdresser without a doubt in Roman. Already looking forward to my next cut

by Danielle Bower on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I had a great experience at Capelli da GG. The staff were very friendly and Roman did a great job on my hair. After a long time searching, I have finally found a hairdresser I am looking forward to coming back to.

by Jude Mayer on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

An enjoyable experience from the consultation to the final blow wave. The attention to detail was impressive, a thorough consultation, excellent precision on the cut (which is difficult on fine hair such as mine) and the colour far surpassed my expectations. Thank you Kristen for a wonderful end result.

by Loretta McGuinness on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

A family member kept pushing me to go to GG Hair Salon, I kept putting it off, what a mistake. My first experience with the staff was comfortable as they are all very friendly, it was refreshing to speak to a hair dresser that listened to my requests for colour and cut, Joe listened intently then made some suggestions to suit my age and face shape, for the first time since I was 14 have had this wonderful experience, Joe cut my hair and we have a plan going forward, amazing. The salon is relaxing, the music was not too loud and easy listening that would suit both young and more mature people (notice I did not say old) the hot towel was most relaxing as was the massage chair (thanks Roman for a great head massage) loved it. Don't put it off any longer, go and enjoy the experience.

by Michelle on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

The whole experience at Capelli da GG was amazing, the staff are so friendly and very passionate about what they do. I highly reccomend them and I love my new hair!

by Cathy Perry on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

From the moment I walked in I was very pleased with my choice of Salon. After 20 plus years with my previous salon, I needed a change and Joe was perfect. As per the reviews below, the compliments have not stopped, and that never gets boring. Many thanks.

by Liberty on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Open yourself up to new experiences and new ways of thinking. Thinking the same hairstyle forever limits yourself. Life is too short not to have the haircut you want. its okay to spend money on things that make you happy.

Last Friday I had my first haircut and colour with Romano and he was absolutely madness with my hair. The man is a genius! I was very impressed how the team collaborated to personalise my colour and haircut.

Capelli's staff are simply committed with their excellence, solutions and appreciate their clients needs and expectations.

I've lost counting already how many compliments i am receiving everyday. I will definitely come back. Highly recommend!

Grazie Capelli, Grazie Joe.

by Helen on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I had my first appointment on Friday with Roman who did a beautiful colour and cut. I felt like a million dollars walking out of the salon. Overall, I had a lovely experience and have already re-booked my next appointment with Roman who is very skilled and talented. Will recommend to all of my friends

by Nada Martinovic on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I had my very first haircut at Capelli da GG last Saturday and I have already booked in to come every 10 weeks. Excellent salon and spa, with relaxing head massage offered 🙂 The staff were professional and very dedicated.

by Mya on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I really enjoyed my experience with this hair salon. The best haircut I have had in years, professional and personal service with efficiency and skill. Definitely recommend.

by Ebony on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

As soon as I entered the salon I noticed it was a up market place but also very private and personal, being only 1 customer and 2 lovely hairdressers. As soon as I approached the counter I was instantly comfortable and with that my doubts and nervousness were gone. Kirsten took the time to show me colours that were and were not so good for my face. She also made sure she explained things thoroughly even giving me examples of what she was saying making my decisions easier! I highly recommend going to this hair salon- especially if you've had a bad experience! Thank you Kirsten I love my new cut and colour... You will be seeing me again!!

by Nina on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Hi Kristen, You are so talented hairdresser! Thanks a lot for amazing haircut and style that you have created for me! Cheers, Nina

by Angela Gawne on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I was impressed by how the team collaborated to personalise my cut and colour. They played to their strengths and meant a great outcome for me. Thanks

by Sam B. on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Had my hair cut and styled by Kristen. I loved the whole experience and new hair style. Extremely pleased ????

by Boli Meng on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Thank you Kristen!!! You blew me away with your level of service. You achieved what I wanted which was to correct the colour and cut of my hair. Although, my time there extended past the closing time, I never felt that you were rushing - very grateful that you are a perfectionist! I received compliments about my hair the next day all thanks to you! It was also great meeting Danni, Roman and the other stylist (whom I didn't catch their name). All absolutely lovely and professional. See you next time. 🙂

by Anne on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I had my hair styled by Joe and coloured by Kristen and was really happy with the result. Would highly recommend Joe and his team for attention to detail and expertise.

Thank you soooo much and look forward to seeing you soon.

by Sylvia on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Amazing - a friend referred after I desperately needed a lot of work! I booked the day prior & was slotted in. Fortunately for me, two prior clients cancelled & I was called. Jumped at the chance to move up the line and spent 5 glorious hours being treated like a real "lady" with a haircut & colour I'm delighted with (even 5 days later). The salon is immaculate, wonderful atmosphere with talented hairdressers. Would highly recommend!

by Nina on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Thank you soooo much Dannie and Roman for the lovely make over and the lively hair color. Have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and you warm service. Keep it up and c you guys soon.

It is definitely a recommended place!!!

by Sue on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Absolutely love my new hair colour and cut! I have purchased many scoopons in the past but this is definitely a saloon that I plan to come back to regularly from now on!

Love my new look!

by Lucia Cooper on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I booked an appointment after purchasing a discount voucher on line. This was a very pleasant experience, usually with a voucher, they get you in and get you out again as quick as possible, not Capelli da GG. I have never had such personalised service, they discussed my hair and any issues I was having and then gave me a great cut and colour, which is easy to care for and looks fantastic.

by Nicole on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I am so glad that I chose to have my first haircut in Melbourne at Capelli da GG. I have had some not so great experiences in salons previously it took me almost a year to pluck up the courage to go to a new hairdresser. I was amazed at how knowledgeable Kristen was and how much she could tell about my scalp and hair health just from one look. I was pampered with a treatment and an amazing cut and have booked in to correct my colour as well. Very happy customer 🙂

by Carol Harris on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Poor Kristen, had a dental issue on Monday 20th October and so she rescheduled my appointment for the following day. I was totally amazed by her high energy level and passion to be a perfectionist! She both coloured and cut my hair which took up the best part of her day which I very greatly appreciate. In my 50 odd years, I've been to some of the so called great hairdressers in my time both in South Yarra and Toorak, but known more inspirational than Kristen!

by Carol Harris on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Initially, I had an appointment on Monday 20th October, but unfortunately Kristen had a dental issue and so we agreed to the next day! I was a bit dubious at first thinking she wouldn't have much time for me only to spend from 11am-5pm in the Salon. What an experience - talk about Joe being a 'master, Kristen spent a couple of hours in just making the transformation of a nothing special hairstyle into a brilliant pixie style and she spent hours doing a full head of foils. In my 50 odd years I have been to some of the so-called best hairdressers in both South Yarra and Toorak BUT known with more desire to be a perfectionist than Kristen. Big, big thank you!

by Tina Bakopanos on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I was very impressed with the quality and the precision of the workmanship at Capelli da GG.

The staff were extremely friendly and what stood out to me was that they were prepared to listen to what I wanted to achieve with my hair before offering their opinion on what they thought would suit.

I would definitely revisit the salon and have no reservations in doing so.

All the best to all the staff.

by Aja on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I booked an appointment prior to my wedding and the colour couldn't have come up any better. Not only were the staff educated to a level I have never experienced with hairdressers before but many unsolved mysteries concerning my skin, scalp and hair were finally answered. They were amazing.

by nola fitch on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

This was the first time that I had visited the salon. This was the first time in a long time that I left a hair salon, feeling like I'd been at the salon, and feeling fantastic about how my hair looked. From the cut to the colour.....I couldnt fault anything.

by Felicity on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe takes the time to listen and envisage the best cut for face shape, and how your hair falls naturally. -That's why the dry cutting technique is so beneficial.

Loved the head massage, hot towel wrap, and massage chair too.

by Neda Sablyak on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I visited Capelli hair salon 8days ago for haircut. I was excited and happy after my haircut then as I am today, 8 days after. My friends and colleagues notice beautiful haircut and give me all positive comments.

This is all because of Joe who cut my hair with great attention to detail and his natural talent for his craft. Joe is careful listener and gives professional advice taking into account my hair type, face features and lifestyle before undertaking haircut. His technique, cutting dry hair before giving me hair spa is important. This allows him to cut hair in a way that it will look and lay in its naturall way, which is very important for my type of hair (wavy). This also helps that my hair looks today beautifully shaped and styled as it looked when I left Capelli. After having beautiful haircut all pampering: hair spa, back and neck massage came as a pure bonus. All staff at Capelli are nice, friendly and very professional. I want to come back and have already booked my next appointment.

by Sarah on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Happy with the complete experience. Danni was very infromative and is clearly passionate about hair. I've already rebooked.

by Monika Hendrix on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

My first visit to the very chic Capelli da GG hair salon was very successful - I really felt in good hands being interviewed about every aspect of my hair and expectations of cut and colour. I love the La Biosthetique holistic products, totally natural and great colours. No reddish tint!!! Kristin did a great job and the dry cut technique is particularly helpful with straight hair. Have already booked my second visit and can totally recommend this experience to everyone!

by Kathryn on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

This was a total experience, not just a haircut. The salon is boutique style, intimate and classy. The essence is of a holistic encounter. The music is funky yet mellow (Buddha Bar style), divine freshly brewed herbal tea, great relaxing furniture, beautiful hair products and THAT massage chair! Now onto the haircut. Danni consulted thoroughly and assessed my hair then suggested colour and cut. I said 'knock yourself out' and she did. The result is a beautiful haircut that suits me and my lifestyle and is not run of the mill. First day out the compliments were thick and fast. Joe runs a classy well oiled machine and it is a credit to him and his staff. Thank you so much, I will be a regular!

by Liliana on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I'm very happy with Capelli da GG. All the staff are very friendly and professional.. Excellent advices and recommendations for every person and their needs. I've already rebooked.

by LJ on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

What a fantastic salon. I was very impressed with the friendly and professional service. Enjoyed being pampered by the lovely Kristen and was so happy with my cut, I've already rebooked.

by Liz Andor on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Great salon environment. Staff are very professional. Very happy with my colour and cut.

Great location!

by Maybell on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

This Salon is high class! I have been taking my mother to this salon to get her hair cut for a few years now and every time she leaves she feels like her hair has been in the best hands. She only goes a couple times a year because it is left in such great shape to last a long time. The staff are lovely and very helpful and are so detailed in their work. The hair products on display also work wonders. Would recommend to everyone to experience hair treatment like no other!

by wendy symmons on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe is an experience in himself,its not only the nuturing and care you experience in the salon,the wonderful wonderful hair colour and cut that bounces as you leave and can manage for the next twelve months if you cant get back to him,that still moves with that cut he gives you,its the whole experience ;joe pays particular attention to the subtle detail, unconditional friendly service,so its pleasant,the music,the aroma of the products,the head massage as you have your hair washed;theres no pressure to engage,you can sit and say nothing if you want,talk if you wish,there is an absence of anything that is grating,and that is well thought about.Apart from all that I found Joe about 30 years ago and was wo pleased to find someone that could put some wave and movement into my extremly straight thick hair.There is nothing quite like a cut from Joe,sisters,friends,over the last 30 years have rarely strayed from Joe,and when we have we have thought,no not as good as Joe's cut and colour.

Goodluck if you have JOe to look after you,one of the lucky ones I think.Enjoy.

by Maggie on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Loved my experience at the salon from the minute i walked in until finish.I discovered the salon as we walked arouund the centre after dinner the night before. I booked in for a consult with Joe and came out with an amazing hair cut. Joe has a wealth of knowledge re asthetics of the face. I must admit i was a little nervous as i have not let any one other than my usual hairdresser cut my hair for the last 17 years.

Most comfortable chair at the basin in any salon i have visited in the last 20 yrs with in built massager.

Also,the La Biosthetique products used on the hair is top class.Treatment is finished off with a hot towel placed on your head for a few mins. It is total bliss.

by Belinda Hudson on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I'm a curly head and proud of it, so went searching for a new hairdresser who understands and loves curls. Googled dry cuts, liked this place's philosophy and the curly head-shot on their site (Joe the owner's work, I believe). Best curly cut I've had for ages. Danni did a great job with both cut and color. Shape, but still the wildness and funk I love about curls. Great curly cut option this side of the Yarra. Will definitely return.

by Sheelagh Hegarty on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe Giampa has been cutting my hair regularly for the last twelve years. Joe is an Artisan where cutting hair is concerned. Idle chatter while cutting hair is not his style, rather he focuses on the task in hand, like a sculptor. Undoubtedly, Joe is a Master of hair cutting.

This is reinforced by how good I feel and by positive feedback from others. The Salon is stylish reflecting Joe's creativity. I have found the products (Kylie's department) to be very good. The atmosphere is warm yet professional

by Helen Goodwin on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

As a woman who is well and truly in her mid life, I had given up hope of ever finding someone, who could cut my hair, in a way that was flattering, stylish and sexy, whilst remaining age appropriate and sophisticated.

Well, the search ended last weekend, the moment I walked into Capelli Da Gi Gi. Like a sculptor, Joe saw the look that was trying to reveal itself, then deftly snipped and trimmed with confidence and speed until it revealed itself.

I now have a look that suits my personality, face and hair and I'm excited about how this revelation, will reflect in other areas of my life.

Joe, you are a very talented artist, who offers a unique and bespoke service to your clients.

Grazie Bello,


by Leonie Crook on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I always feel special after Jo cuts and blow waves my hair. He cuts my hair to suite my face and

personality, and the cut holds it shape.

by Cindy on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I've now had two haircuts with Joe. He has a great attention to detail, and listens to my ideas. The wash and head massage is wonderful. He has been on time each time, and the salon is quiet and peaceful.

by Heather Duncan on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Looking forward to my second visit - great first visit

by Harry on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Hands down THE best... Even when I lived down the coast, it was well worth the 2hr round trip to finally have a good haircut! Being a guy with thick hair, I've always had to live with the fact I would need a haircut every 3-4wks, and generally by the 4th it was starting to stick out in weird ways and looked "boofy". Then I met Joe and discovered what a real haircut should do! These days, as my hair grows out it actually falls into its own natural place and somehow still looks good - and instead of having to go every few weeks, I now only need a haircut every 6 weeks or so (and have even gone 8 before without it looking ridiculous!)... I actually tried about half a dozen hairdressers immediately before discovering Joe, and even the "top stylist" at a high-end brand name salon couldn't come anywhere near Joe's level of skill and natural talent. Honestly, after seeing what a real haircut does, I couldn't even imagine anyone else cutting my hair. On top of the humble genius that is Joe, Kirstin and Danni are always extremely helpful and I must say it's very handy being able to pick up a unique piece of Kylie's handmade jewellery to take home to my partner too 🙂 If only Joe would stop being so stubborn about putting in a bed and shower out the back I wouldn't actually have to leave! 10 best? No... THE best.

by Libby Rolls on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I have never felt so relaxed and in such good hands leaving my hair to Joe and Kristin. It always looks and feels fantastic and the colour is so perfect. People comment often on how my hair looks after it is cut and even when it grows out because I haven't been back in months, it still looks great.

The way they clean and massage my hair feels amazing and usually puts me to sleep. GG deserved to be in Melbourne's 10 Best.

by Nathalie Marion on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

From the Warm Welcome, to the relaxing attention given at the basin, through to the exquisite finesse and controlled art delivered by highly skilled hairdressers...This is a complete experience where one is left entirely satisfied having had their vision and intent translated. I can't speak more highly. Congratulations guys! Keep up the great work.

by Christine on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I'm a country girl needing a glamour do for a special night, walk in and within the hour I had a beautiful new look that got some great comments on the night. Thank you, I will be back.

by Jennifer Nielsen on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe is truly the best hairdresser on the planet. Like many of his other clients, I have been going to Joe forever and I now travel from interstate for a haircut and bring my son. He has never asked me how I want my hair cut and I have always loved it. He always cuts my hair beautifully and I honestly couldn't recommend him highly enough. He's a legend. (I fear Joe retiring more than abseiling, skydiving or tight rope walking.)

by Angela Brown on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I have been a long time client of Joe's for over 20 years. Joe and his team at Capelli da GG are professional and they make you feel fantastic. Joe's expert cutting techniques deliver outstanding results. I keep returning for over 20 years because my hair is not only cut well, the colour lasts and I receive many compliments! I cannot recommend Joe and his team highly enough.

by Joan E Drago on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I'd like to express my deep appreciation to you G.G. Guiseppi Giampa for your exceptional talent and expertise, not just as a "hairstyling" Coiffure Master in sculpting my hair in a very comfortable manageable hairstyle, but in your very fresh innovative looking hospitable and fashionable place of welcome to your clients or should I say your human "raw hair sculptures". You are truly a living artist, and I was very impressed that you are able to create your masterpieces in the confines of such restricted time frames. Believe me sitting for 3 hours for a potential masterpiece is not enjoyable, and that is why I am happy to pay an "expensive" amount of money for real quality delivery, be it a restaurant,show, wine, dentist, doctor as I only visit when I really need to. It was due to my daughter's gifting me with a visit to your salon,that I now have my newly found Master "Hair Sculpting Artist" that I will confidently trust in shaping my curly hair. I live in the Macedon Ranges and coming in to Melbourne is so much more special now because I love seeing your 'artwork', I only wish you had a gallery exhibiting all your works. Even though I was only there for a short time,and having seen what a beautiful work you did for a couple of (your many) interstate clients who come down for that day it confirmed for me that I was truly experiencing a living artist at work, I couldn't believe you have had this business since 1986, as it looked so fresh and modern you obviously care about how you present yourself and have very successfully reinvented and rejuvenated your creative working environment. How precious is this for all your clients ( me included) to have had the delight and pleasure of such a place of creativity, including the selection of very classy background music and creative a l la Mode decor, with relaxing massaging recliner for hair washing, and your lovely hospitable prodigy apprentice Christin. Its like finding an excellent restaurant that creates superb attractive and delicious meals and also has a warm rich sublime ambiance, or a vintage wine maker,or a song writer, poet or opera singer they cater for the 'every day' person who wants to enjoy and celebrate life through experiencing the "goodness" of life. They are someone whose talent and expertise cares about delivering quality in their creativity, and their reward is seeing the look of appreciation and contentment for their work. It is only appropriate then that we applaud such artisans with a standing ovation, BRAVO!BRAVO! with deep and sincere appreciation 'Molto Grazie' Many Thanks Joe Giampa you are a true delight a living Master Coiffeur Artist.

by Karen Vanden Driesen on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I have very fine, thinning hair which was negatively affecting my self esteem and confidence. I chose CAPELLI da GG because of some wonderful recommendations I heard, and I'm so glad I did. I put my complete trust in Joe to transform me and I couldn't be happier with the results. He is a true artist of the haircut, and Kristen did a wonderful job of achieving the white blonde color I have always wanted. I left the salon feeling like a superstar. I cannot speak highly enough of their amazing service and passion to give the client what they want and need. It is truly a 5 star experience and now that I have found Joe, I will never look back!

by karen greenberg on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe is my favourite hairdresser ever. He always cuts my hair in amazing styles that suit my style & the way my hair grows. And the cut still looks great as it grows out.

I often get comments on how good my hair looks & people ask where I get it done. Of course I love passing on Joe's details.

Kristin & Danni are the other 2 friendly faces at the salon & they always help to make my visit feel great. Thanks Kristin for the terrific colour you do for me.

You definitely deserve to be in the 10 Best list. At the top!

by Julie Koska on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe does a great job of cutting my baby fine hair! I always feels welcome and get personalised service. And I am not kept waiting !

by Lorraine on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Over the 30+ years I have been with Joe I have been through many iterations of myself which have always been sensitively reflected in my hair style! I have straight fine hair and the cut is critical. Joe's passion for hair, his creative dry cutting skills, his aesthetic and his gentle energy have enabled a deep trust to develop between us. So when Joe suggested a 'go grey gracefully' rather than keep up the 6 weekly darker colour ritual, I was tentative but trusting of his professional judgement and his knowledge of me, and agreed. So now I am a peppery mix of my natural colours and greys with a blend of fairer bits added skillfully by Kristin. So now no more roots showing and 'touch up colour' only every three or so months - so a significant saving. I receive many complements on my hair and most think it is all natural! So as middle aged middle class woman I am grateful not to be a ubiquitous 'blonde'! Also relieved that I can continue to age gracefully, or possibly disgracefully! Thanks Capella da GG for your respectful and continuing loving care.

by Pauline Proposch on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

My two daughters and myself have been loyal clients of Capelli da GG for many many years. I travel 100kms every time I need hair treatment and would not go anywhere else one of my daughters travels from interstate via. Joe at Capelli da GG for her styling. Thanks Joe for your continued care of all our hair styling.

by Frances on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I was reluctant to try yet another hairdresser based on previous bad experiences, but I quickly learnt the team at Capelli da GG are not just another salon. The whole experience is amazing. It is in consultation but they advise on what works for you rather than just giving you what you want. They know how to cut and colour to suit your face and each time I go in they work out what will work best rather than just repeat was done previously. A very tailored experience.

Im so pleased i gave them a go. I highly recommend the team. You will never look back.

by S.Lee on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

The CAPELLI da GG experience is one not to be missed.The staff are friendly and always so welcoming and helpul especially Danni who does such a fantastic job on my hair. I really look forward to seeing her every 5 weeks. My hair has never looked better or been healthier.

Congratulation on the top 10, you all deserve the accolade.

by Meighen Katz on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

If Joe was just a great hairdresser, it would be worth the trip to Capelli da GG. But not only is he a great hairdresser, the whole experience is 5 star. Great cuts that hold their shape and style, great colour that lasts and lasts, and fantastic small personalised touches. They always treat us like clients rather than just customers. I would wholeheartedly recommend them without hesitation.

by Dequidt Annie on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Always feel like a super star after ive been to Capelli hair spa. The service , the quality of hair cut is exceptional. Thank you for making me look amazing , Jo you are an artist... The Dali or the hairdressing industry...

by Patricia Marion on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I am a fairly new client at Capelli Da GG but I have felt completely at home from my very first appointment. Joe and his team are fantastic. My hair has never looked better. Easy to style myself and the colour really suits me. Congratulations in making the top 10 list.

by Ali Hewitt on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

My friend Lizzie introduced me to Capelli da GG as I had a bad experience so needed a salon I could trust and Joe sorted out my bad hair cut into a trendy style and this will be my salon going forward. Its a friendly salon and I felt relaxed and totally enjoyed my first experience and my next appointment is booked in and I am looking forward to being pampered all over again.

by Sandy gibson on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Great haircut great staff and a great experience. Worth my 2 hour drive! Congrats on being in the top 10

by Michelle Waters on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I have been having my hair cut by Joe for 22 years now and I have never been disappointed with any cut or colour. Joe knows his stuff (he won't give you a style that won't suit your hair type) which is sometimes not explained by other hair salons not all cuts can be worn by all hair types, his cuts grow out fantastically and I always receive compliments on my haircut days before I am due to attend my next appointment. You always feel like your number one by all the team, they make you feel great everytime. Defintely recommend the team at Capelli Da GG.

by Faye Marshall on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

It's now 18 years since my first experience at CAPELLI da GG and from that day forward my loyalty has never waivered, in fact even though I no longer reside in Melbourne I fly from Noosa Queensland to see Joe and his team for my cut and colour. In my opinion they deliver professional standards like no other.

by Lizzie on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Jo helped me change my whole style a few years ago and I have never looked back. I always get a superb cut and colour, with a team who really care that I am happy with the result.

by Jennifer on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe enables the best most manaageable hair I have ever had he is a master of the cut!

by Penny Jost on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Jo has been cutting my hair for 30 years.I have had all styles from long, bobs even a crew cut. And always, I have a wonderful cut. As well,the colour is always great and the recommended products are perfect for my type of hair. I would not go to anyone else. A true professional salon.

by Shelley Bennett on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I am so pleased I found Capell1 da GG - they saved my hair!

The story: soon after I had moved to Melbourne I had my hair cut in a Preston Salon, and what a mess the lady made! In order to rectify this, I went searching in my local South Yarra area for a new hairdresser, and the minute I walked into Capelli da GG I felt at home and welcome. Joe, Kylea and Kristen took me in hand, evaluated my scalp and cut, and Kristen set to work fixing my cut. She also recommended some wonderful products to deal with the condition of my hair and scalp.

What was really refreshing was finding a salon and stylist who cut my hair dry - so important when you have hair like mine that sits so differently wet to dry. So many hairdressers (like the one in Preston) cut wet and find the results are unpredictable when it dries.

I was also impressed with the professionalism, advice and knowledge that all the staff at Capelli da GG displayed, and I LOVED the cut the Kristen gave me. I had so many positive comments about my new cut that night when I went to a wedding, and I felt like a million dollars.

Needless to say, I was thrilled, and have been coming to the salon for my hair care needs ever since and will have no hesitation continuing coming even after I move out of the area.

Other than the fact that I am always happy with my cut, I love all the little touches, like the herbal tea I get whenever I come, and the wonderful scalp massage when my hair is washed. I also was very happy with the makeup and hair up that Kristen did for me for my husband's 40th birthday party - again, so many comments of how gorgeous I looked!

I cannot recommend Capelli da GG enough - the service they give is second to none, and they are very well priced for the quality and service you receive. They even offer Friday night specials, so there is no excuse, even if you are on a budget, not to get yourself to this wonderful salon. Ring and book and appointment!

by Deborah on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I was pleased to see CAPELLI da GG has been featured on this website. Three generations of our family have loyally supported Joe and the team for over 20 years - simply because there is nowhere better. The service is impeccable and the standard of haircut and colour is perfection. Joe is an extremely talented sculptur who knows hair and pays careful consideration to your hair personality. The colourist Kristen works magic to give your hair the natural subtle beauty we all desire and Danni adds enormous value to the service ambiance. The combination of these factors not only gives you a wonderful experience to enjoy whilst at the salon but one which stays with you until your next delightful visit.

by Stephanie Lane on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe and the team at Capelli da GG have been looking after my hair for at least 7 or 8 years and I have to say i would not go anywhere else.

Joe is a pure professional and always styles my hair beautifully. He comes up with something new all the time so I am never bored with the outcome.

Well done Joe!

by Julie Pettifer on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Very positive and relaxing salon to visit! Joe is an amazing stylist, who cuts my hair so it looks great, suits me and feels great! Kristen also does the perfect coloring! Couldn't be happier with the lovely service! Definitely try this salon, you won't be disappointed !

by cristina regiani on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I am very happy to see Capelli da GG among the 10 best salons. Joe and the girls has been taking care of my hair for 8 years now and I am always very pleased with what they advise me to do. Well done Joe, Kristin Danni and Kylea.

by Gerry Katz on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Wonderful place for Haircut and hair products. Joe and his team are Fantastic talented people! Couldn't ask for more ~ 18 years of great hair experiences. An award well-deserved.

by Kate on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I’ve been going to Capelli Da GG for over 6 months now and am in love with the team and the EXCELLENT service they provide!

Joe and the team are fun and friendly, but, best of all is they know hair and how to make it look good.

I have fairly thick hair, which isn’t the easiest to deal with, but, I’m in such great hands every time I step into the salon.

Thanks guys for always making my hair look FANTASTIC!

by Ali Hewitt on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

I went to this salon on recommendation from my friend Lizzie as I had a bad experience with another salon, and Joe at Capelli da GG fixed it and turned a disaster into a fab trendy style, needless to say this will be my salon going forward. five stars from me !!

by Lucy on Joe Giampa HAIR INC - South Yarra

Joe, Kristen and Danni at CAPELLI da GG are absolutely amazing!! Everytime I get my hair done the service is perfect. The staff are friendly, bubbly and always have a smile on their faces 🙂 I have never had a bad experience when dealing with this beautiful salon and doubt I ever will. I highly recommend going and getting pampered

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