How to Make Waxing Less Painful

While waxing at times is inevitable, the process might be really painful. However, there are some smart ways to make it a lot less painful. Some of these ways include:


Begin waxing on a small scale: If you plan to wax your legs, make sure that you begin with your ankle. Just in case you are waxing your arm, begin with an area that is as small as your wristwatch. It is not really easy when you do it for the first time. If you apply wax across your entire leg, removing it will be really painful. Additionally, the hair might not get removed from the roots.

Do yoga before waxing: Just in case you want to wax a large part of your body, being flexible won’t really hurt. Thus, you could try doing some yoga before getting on with the waxing exercise. Flexibility would go a long way in ensuring that you suffer from less pain during the process.

When you go for waxing your eyebrows, mark the intended section with eyeliner: Remember it is not an easy exercise at all to wax your eyebrows. Thus, it might help if you mark the intended area for waxing with eyeliner. This would significantly help in setting a guideline. As soon as you get done, you could try removing the additional wax with the help of baby oil.

Apply wax that is a little cooler on your pubic area: Well, it is always better to apply cooler wax on your pubic area. It is important to understand that something that might seem warm on your arms might seem very hot down below. People often make the mistake of applying hot wax on the concerned area that could actually take off some skin. Mind you, that might really be painful.

Use numbing creams: Numbing creams really work. You need to apply the same on your waxing zone about half an hour prior to the beginning of the exercise.

Consume an off-the-counter pain relieving pill before the waxing exercise: Ingest one of those popular over-the-counter pain-relieving medicines before you get down to the waxing procedure. Sometimes, it might really help in lessening the aggravated pain that might be experienced during or after the waxing process.

Try and concentrate on something else if you are undergoing waxing at home: You might want to keep yourself busy with something when you are waxing yourself at home. This might significantly help in reducing the hardships that are otherwise encountered during the process.

You might try using an exfoliating scrub on the areas when you intend to do waxing: The process of exfoliation might rid you of all those dead skin that might be trapping the hairs. This is important to remove the hairs on the first attempt itself.

Following any or all these procedures will help you during the waxing process. But then again, you need to be sure as to what suits you best before zeroing in on the strategy.