New Season Nail Trends

New Season Nail Trends
The evenings are getting darker now and as we slowly move into Autumn, it’s time to welcome the new season with an update on the nails trends we can expect to start seeing over the upcoming months. As the nail art trend which has been so huge over the past few years begins to die off a little, now it’s all about focusing on a beautiful hue and perfectly conditioned nails. If you are ready to say goodbye to summer brights and pastels for your next manicure, here are some of the colour trends you might like to consider.

Black is Back
Bewitching black nails were all over the Autumn/Winter catwalks, but if you feel this bold look is a step too far for you then instead consider another moody dark shade. Other popular choices for many of the new season looks were everything from dark navy and midnight blues to deep forest greens.

Berry Stained
In terms of fashion, super groomed, lady-like styles are a key trend and this is reflected in beauty- the matchy-matchy look is back in. Berry and wine shades were a major catwalk contender for both nails and lips. Oxblood looks set to be another favourite shade (part brown, part purple). If you want to keep it classic, a true red nail is also a great option, the shade which perennially signals glamorous chic.

Magical Metallics & Glamorous Glitter
Always a winter staple, the three main metallics- gold, silver and bronze are all an option again. However, try branching out with a more unusual metallic hue such as a metallic slate, steely lavender or an olive gold to really stay at the top of the style stakes. These new metallics have shade-shifting, almost holographic effects. Whether it is flecked through your shade of choice or you decide to completely blanket your nails in it, glitter is always a winning choice for adding some night-time glam. If this is too much of a statement, try glitter dusted tips with a swipe of glitter polish across the tips of your nails on top of a neutral or clear base.

New Neutrals
Guaranteed to deliver classic, timeless style; neutral shades such as taupe, soft mushroom and pale grey are a great antidote to winter darks. These skin-flattering nudes also have the advantage of elongating the hands by making the fingers look sleeker.