Planning a Bachelorette Spa Party

Planning a Bachelorette Spa Party

A spa party is a novel idea for a bachelorette that any bride-to-be will love. Not only does the soon-to-be-wed get to spend quality time with her girl pals, but also sit back and relax while indulging in some luxurious pampering. If you’re looking to plan a spa bachelorette, here are some tips that you can use.

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Size of the party
A bachelorette party should include the bridesmaids, maid of honour, the bride’s closest friends, and moms. Make sure that it is not a large party, as the spa may not be able to accommodate as many people at once. It may also make it difficult to coordinate the bachelorette when you have too many guests on the list. Once you have the numbers confirmed, check with the spa to see if they can accommodate the same. Check with the spa to get a fair idea on whether the bachelorette party gets to spend time together as a group in the steam room or sauna, or between different spa treatments.

Picking a spa
There are many spa options that you can choose from depending on your needs. For instance, if you are looking for a special spa then you can try one by the beach, or if you have more time to spare then you can have a spa getaway over a weekend. Some spas have special bridal spa packages on offer. Aside from exclusive bridal spa treatments, they may even allow you to have the whole place for yourselves for a couple of hours. This way you can just let your hair down and enjoy the bachelorette, without any disruptions or intrusions.

Timing the party right
While some may suggest that you plan the spa bachelorette party just days before the wedding, we suggest otherwise. If you have been a part of wedding preparations before, then your probably know how the week-before-wedding schedule looks. No doubt, a spa day can give the bride a chance to unwind from all the wedding madness, but with little time to spare, it may be rushed. Another reason why you want to avoid a spa bachelorette just days before is because you want the bride to look her best on her big day. Sometimes, spa facials and other treatments may cause the skin to act up or make blemishes stand out prominently (depending on the skin type and the spa treatment). You can plan the spa bachelorette party weeks before the wedding day to be on the safer side.

Have fun with it!
Make your spa bachelorette fun, whether it’s by having a theme party or having spa-themed goodies. You can have spa-themed party treats, either cookies or cupcakes. You can have lovely home-spa products tucked in a cute basket with a bow for party favours. Of course, what’s a bachelorette without some fun games – from lingerie guessing to bachelorette treasure hunts, pick something that is fun and interesting. If you want to get some drinking into the spa party, then you should look at spas by vineyards!