Say Good-Bye To Split And Peeling Nails

nail care
Have you ever looked at someone’s perfectly manicured nails and sighed with envy because you just know that your nails may never look like that? Do you have dry and brittle nails that either flake off or snag on things? Then join the club. Dry, flaking nails are often the most common complaint that dermatologists get from their patients. If you’ve ever talked to a doctor regarding your nails then you already know that there are multiple factors that affect nail growth. Your consumption of certain nutrients can stunt nail growth, as can continuous work with harsh chemicals. Certain disorders such as anaemia and thyroid deficiencies can also cause split nails.

Basically, there’s a lot of things that could have potentially caused your split nail problem, and there’s an equally large number of solutions. But what really helps is a balance between lifestyle changes and the use of good products. Want your nails to be better? Start consuming more vegetables in your diet to boost keratin growth. Eat foods like cauliflower to get more biotin or take biotin supplements. Wear gloves and protect your hands when working with harsh chemicals, and never chew on your nails. And after all that, use some of these products to create a nail care regiment that will serve you well in the long run.

Avocado Oil/ Jojoba Oil
Both avocado and jojoba oil contain rich fat deposits that moisturise your nails naturally. Remember to apply them on your nails as often as possible, especially right after your nails get wet. Dryness is a large factor in the splitting of your nails, and using these natural oils helps mitigate that. Also, using natural oils can make your nails acquire a highly attractive sheen, which is always a good thing.

Hand Crème or Moisturisers
There are numerous brands of hand crèmes and moisturisers available in the market specifically for splitting nails. Slather on the crème or the moisturiser twice a day and ensure you rub it into your cuticles. When picking a brand, start with one you are familiar with and experiment until you find the one that best suits your skin type. Using a moisturiser that does not suit you will not help your nails in the long run.

Moisturising Gloves
These are magical gloves that you must wear to bed at night because they can work miracles with your skin. Usually made with a gel component, these gloves can help seal the moisture into your hands all night, leaving the soft and supple every morning. A few months of regular use with moisturising gloves can help reduce your split nails by almost half.

Nail Hardeners
Nail hardeners are often a good way to harden your nails, but some of them can be harmful to your skin. When picking a nail hardener, pick one that’s suited to your nails and your skin. Nail hardeners generally work in a month or two with regular application.

Remember, a combination of these techniques works best to maintain beautiful nails. Try every suggestion and keep using the ones that make a difference to your nails.