Six Nail Care Tips For Pretty Hands

Nail Salon Tips
Just like how you have a skin care regimen and hair care routine, it is essential to have one for your nails as well. Nails are probably the most understated aspect of a person’s appearance, but they are no doubt, just as important. Apart from your monthly visit to the nail salon, here are some nail care tips that you can practice at home:

Cut your nails right after you bathe: The best time to trim those nails is after they have soaked in some water. You don’t even have to actually soak them before trimming, just trim them right after you take a shower. This way they are easier to work with and can be trimmed without cracking.

Nails need moisture: Yes, you heard us right! Your nails can turn dehydrated without moisture just like your skin, and more so if you use a nail paint remover very often. Also, nails tend to dry out when you use a hand sanitizer. The high alcohol content in the sanitizer causes dehydration which can make the nail paint chip off even faster. Don’t forget to dab some moisturizer on your nails while you apply some on your face and body, or every time you use a sanitizer.

Caring for your cuticles: If your cuticles have torn and turned dry, no manicure can make them look better. Don’t try cutting them for that will only make them susceptible to infections and make them look worse. Instead, exfoliate with a scrub and then nip out just the hangnails. Also, use your cuticle stick to gently push them backwards. You’ll see that this is the same technique they employ during manicures and pedicures in nail salons. In case they appear as if they might crack, don’t prod them with the cuticle stick, but instead dab some cuticle oil onto them to help them heal.

Watch those cleaning chemicals and hand washing tendencies: Yes, it’s a question of hygiene to wash your hands regularly, but don’t overdo it for it can affect your nails badly. If your profession demands that you frequently wash your hands, make sure you moisturize your hands and the cuticles, as and when you can. While doing household chores, make sure that you wear a pair of rubber gloves, to avoid contact with harsh cleaning agents and chemicals.

Tackling nail stains: To get rid of nail stains, simply dip your toe nails or finger nails in a solution of water and a tablespoon of lemon. Let them rest in the solution for a few minutes and then clean them using hot water.

Making nails stronger and brittle-free: If your nails are brittle and keep chipping or breaking off too often give these home remedies a try. Dip your toe nails and finger nails in lukewarm mustard oil, and let them rest for about ten minutes. Gently rub each of your nails to improve their blood circulation. This will make your nails stronger and less prone to breakage. Another trick that you could try is dipping them in olive oil for about twenty minutes every other day. This helps harden the nails and will restore them to health.