Spa Holidays

You’re having a really tough day at work and the sound of getting a luxury massage at your favourite spa later seems like the only thing that’s going to get you through the rest of the day. Everyone needs a break every once in a while and I don’t mean wait for those two weeks of summer vacation once a year to plan your holiday.

spa holiday

Working wonders
Taking a spa weekend or a spa holiday every second or third weekend can do wonders for your life. A spa holiday can even be spending one day at a luxury day spa which can be done over the weekend. That way you don’t have to worry about asking your boss for leave unless you want to pick a spa resort somewhere else other than your city.
So what would you want for a perfect spa day? A nice relaxing full body massage in a dull lit room with scented candles, floating flower petals, and soft instrumental music to start off with. Followed by a refreshing steam or sauna, maybe a short swim in the heated pool and some drinks and good food at the hotel bar later. If this doesn’t complete the perfect spa day then nothing else will.

Depending on where you live, do some research on some good spas or spa resorts within the vicinity of your city that you live in. Usually, there are some luxury spas within the city or some really good spa resorts in the outskirts. You could ask a friend, your spouse, a family member to accompany you or you could even go by yourself for some well-deserved rest and relaxation from life’s stress.

Let’s take a look at some popular spa destinations around the world where you could probably plan your next spa holiday:

Thailand – thousands of people from all around the world flock to Thailand for the holidays, and not just for the amazing shopping and awesome nightlife. Thailand also has some of the most relaxing and rejuvenating places you could find yourself in – a real paradise on earth.

Phuket is one such paradise destination and the perfect spa holiday destination. Choose from any of Phuket’s five and seven-star hotels which already have luxury spas within the hotel or you could go to an authentic Thai spa for a relaxing head and foot massage. It also depends on your budget but Thailand has something to offer for everyone. Try out the chic Cape Sienna Hotel & Villas, which has the Balance Spa that overlooks the beautiful blue ocean. After all, Thailand is known to have the most amount of massage treatments anywhere in the world and not only are they extremely relaxing and distressing, but are very therapeutic as well.

Turkey – Istanbul has some of the best spas and spa resorts anywhere in the world. The Cappadocia cave hotels and resorts have a wonderful and tempting variety of spa and massage treatments that you can indulge yourself in. Experience the ‘hammam’ or Turkish bath at the Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel overlooking the Bosphorus river for an unforgettable and ultimate spa holiday experience.

Kerala – located in India, the state of Kerala attracts many tourists primarily for its unique Ayurvedic treatments known to cure many ailments. The Lalit Resort and Spa in Bekal won the Luxury Spa Award in 2013 so you’d definitely want to pay this spa resort a visit.