The Classic French Manicure

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There’s something almost nostalgic about going to a nail salon and asking for a French manicure. If there’s a classic way to do nails, the French manicure is it. Timeless, elegant, and sophisticated, French manicures are a staple at every nail salon, and continue to remain very popular with customers and on the runway.

The French manicure came about sometime early in the 20th century, but sources are unclear about whether the manicure itself was a French or an American invention. While fashion purists continue to argue the point, the manicure itself has been adopted by salons around the world, even France, as la France or the French manicure.

So, what is a French Manicure?
A French manicure is one where the nails are left to look as natural as possible. The whole process starts with the removal of nail-polish and the clipping of nails into either ovals or a rounded square. After the nails are buffed and filed into shape, the technician will usually apply a coat of pale pink polish as the base coat. The manicure is finished off when the technician paints on pretty white tips, and then applies a coat of clear polish to keep all of it in place. This, of course, is how French Manicures were done back in the day, and continue to be done today at some salons.

But if you have issues growing your nails out, have splitting nails or need acrylic nails, salons have become adept at providing those services for the French manicure as well.

Using Acrylic or Gel Tips
Generally there are two ways in which French manicures are offered in a salon. The method with acrylic or gel tips are very popular. In this method, the technician cuts and shapes your nails, and trims your cuticle. The nail-bed is then painted a pale pink after which a gel or acrylic tip is attached to the nail. Another coat of acrylic helps hold the nail together in its entirety, and sometimes, a last coat of clear polish is applied.
French manicures using acrylic and gel tips are popular because they are generally low maintenance and don’t require you to grow your nails out in order to achieve this look.

Fiberglass and Acrylic Powder
Sometimes, nail salons will offer manicures that use fiberglass or acrylic powder in resin for your manicure. While these services tend to be more expensive than a general manicure, they are long lasting and look very natural.
In this process, the natural nail or an enhancement is painted pink as the base for the manicure after cutting, filing, and buffing. The white tips are then applied with either fiberglass or acrylic powder in a white resin. A ‘form’ is then used to form the tip with acrylic before the manicure is finished. The result looks a little more natural than simply attaching tips, and lasts a longer time.

Get one today!
There’s a reason the French manicure is a fashion classic, and it’s because it is appropriate for any dress or event. It immediately adds a bit of understated glamour to your life. So, what are you waiting for? Get your French manicure today!