The Secret To Making Your Manicures Long-lasting

Nail Salons
A trip to a nail salon to get a manicure comes with the promise of gorgeous done-up nails that make you feel like a million bucks every time you look down at your hands. Then again, it can quite unnerving when your nail paint chips off within a few days after your manicure. Not so surprisingly, the things you do after, during and before your manicure can have a huge impact on how long it lasts. Here are some tricks and tools that keep that manicure on for long.

The toothbrush
Meet the toothbrush, the ultimate beauty tool that has many grooming tasks to its name- from taming messy eyebrows to exfoliating lips, and now brushing nails. A not-so-popular tip that you should know: you can get rid of all the grime and dirt in your nails’ nooks and crannies by simply cleaning it with the help of a whitening toothpaste and an old toothbrush. Rinse and dry thoroughly once done, and remove excess oil with a swab dipped in vodka, so the nail polish does not stick to it. Moisturise your cuticles with a water-based balm instead of cuticle oil, so your nail polish stays on for longer.

The importance of a baseline
Yes, we’ve all heard how important it is to have the perfect topcoat that seals in the polish, but the first coat that you wear is no less important. Think of it this way, the base coat clings on to the nails better than the lacquer, while it is also formulated to smooth the nails surface so that the polish can be applied evenly and lasts longer. Another reason why the base coat is among the absolute essentials is that it helps prevent the very unflattering stained nails, especially when you wear dark colours like red. The vitamin E and protein in the formula prevent peeling, breakage and splitting of nails, emphasising its necessity.

Let it dry
Even though your nails may seem dry just minutes after the polish has been applied in a beauty salon, you’ll be surprised to know that it takes nearly half a day for them to harden completely. Now then, we’re not asking you to stay away from your routine activities and usher everyone around you to help you with it until your polish completely dries, as tempting as that might sound. What you could do is stay away from greasy lotions, doing dishes and/or using your nails on rough surfaces until then.

Ditch the sanitiser
Your hand sanitisers helps destroy germs, as well as your manicure. The alcohol present in the sanitiser erodes the top coat, making the polish appear faded and dull. Try swapping it with a mild spa instead so you can save your manicure, and your health during the flu season. Facial scrubs and exfoliators are other products that conspire against your manicure, as they have a tendency to chip away the topmost layer of the polish. Try using alcohol-free lotions to preserve your manicures.