Things You Should Check Before Getting a Beauty Treatment

In your perennial quest to look beautiful, beauty salons help a great deal. Though, you may be regularly visiting these parlours for a wide variety of treatments and services, it is always advised to be informed and cautious about the procedures. You don’t realise but quite a few of the apparently mundane procedures have risks attached with them. Let’s take a look at different treatments and the risks they come along with. Also, we will discuss in brief what homework you need to do before getting any beauty treatment.

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Potential dangers
Manicure/pedicures: A carelessly done job has the potential to cause fungal and bacterial infections. All the instruments need to be properly cleaned before the commencement of procedure on any new customer.

Eyelash tinting: This requires heavy use of chemicals. Since eyes and the areas surrounding it are very sensitive, there is always the risk of reactions, allergies and burning sensations
• Bikini waxing: Since the area is so sensitive and the hair is supposed to protect it, removal of hair exposes the area to potential infections.

Botox: Since the treatment is basically paralysing the muscles to remove all the wrinkles, there are quite a few risks attached to it. Wrong dosage can lead to drooping of facial muscles. In some cases the damage could even be permanent.

Laser hair removal: It could lead to burning and pigmentation of skin. Also, there could be permanent changes in the skin colour.

Chemical peel: The name itself seems dangerous. It basically peels the old and dead first layer of the skin leaving the face looking fresher. But since chemicals are used here, it could lead to many complications like burning, darkening, pigmentation and infections

Hair Bleaching: Bleaching of hair can lead to weakening of your hair. Bleach dries your hair and makes it very brittle and your hair becomes prone to damage.

A little bit of homework
The above mentioned dangers are in no way exhaustive. They are just the more popular treatments that have risks attached to them. To make sure that you don’t become a victim of any mishap in a salon, few pointers are mentioned below to help you.

Choose a reputed salon: We all are generally on a budget, but there should be no compromise when it comes to your well-being. If you don’t have a favourite, read the reviews and then make your decision.

Salon professional: Make sure you are comfortable with the person servicing you at the salon. Ask for the qualification and make sure that the person is experienced if the treatment is complex.
• General hygiene: This should be automatically taken care of if you are going to a good salon, but being cautious will not do any harm.

Know yourself: You know better than anyone else what works and doesn’t work for you.
So the next time you go to any salon, keep a check on things. Be an informed and conscious customer. Know all the pros and cons of the treatment that you are going to take and it will go a long way in keeping you safe.