Why Should You Visit a Hair Salon for Colouring?

The most confusing question that arises when you consider getting your hair coloured is whether you need to get the job done by a professional hairdresser at a hair salon or just buy the product you fancy and do it yourself at home.

hair colouring

Hairdressers are called experts for a reason: they are trained and certified. There are bleak chances that you will dread your hair colour if you get it done by a hairdresser. If you are specifically looking for highlight or lowlights, you need a hairdresser’s expertise to get the job done without ruining your hair. If that isn’t enough to push you to book your appointment at the hair salon, remember that if you are unhappy with the hair colour they will fix it right away. Remember that dyeing your hair is a messy affair and if you spill a little onto the bathroom floor, another bout of work awaits you!

Here are four reasons why you should visit a hair salon for colouring:

If three shades lighter is what you are looking at: Darkening of hair can be done at home. Dark colour can be achieved at home by selecting a shade and applying evenly throughout. Lightening is a trickier process. If you’ve thought about it, consider it again. Dark hair is embedded with a little red pigment. If not done right, red starts to show and you are left guessing about your next step. Leave the experimentation to the hairdresser. Lightening is a two-step process. The first step is removal of the existing colour followed by application of a toner. Then comes the hair colouring. It is difficult to get both these steps right on your own.

Red head: Dyeing your head red is the most difficult hair colouring job on the planet. If red means red and not a carrot head, a hair salon is the place you must visit. If your hair colour is brown or black, adding red over it will leave you with a confusing shade of purple or burgundy.

Fixing a bad colouring job: It doesn’t matter if your last hairdresser made you look like a cookie monster, a good hair stylist will set it right. If you attempt to set it right on your own, remember you are to blame for any kind of hair-crisis. If you are still sceptical about visiting a hair salon, consult hair colour consumer hotlines at Revlon, Garnier, Clairol or L’Oreal. Invariably, they will ask you to visit a hairstylist to fix the problem.

Making light hair darker: Hair colouring is a tricky affair. The shade you see on the colour box is a far cry from the actual results. A shade of burgundy on dark brown hair will hide the hair colour making it visible only in the sun. Not to discourage you from trying, but even if you do end up with the colour of choice, the natural look is something that only a hair stylist can attain.

If a visit to a hair salon for your colouring needs is not feasible, do the touch up yourself at home and keep the visits monthly.