Why Paraffin Is A Good Idea?

nail care
If you’ve been to a nail salon recently, then you know that paraffin waxing is a thing. Maybe you’ve seen people around you get their hands coated in a pastel waxy substance, and watched in fascination as a beatific smile spreads across their faces. Maybe you want to try it too, but something is holding you back.
Well, forget all your hesitation and get a paraffin manicure today! This might be the best thing to ever happen to your nails, and here’s why.

What is a Paraffin manicure?
A manicure that uses paraffin wax is a method in which the entire hand is immersed in a paraffin dip during the manicure process and then wrapped in a towel or plastic for around fifteen minutes. Paraffin is a petroleum product with a low melting point and a high capacity for heat retention. When your hands are coated in paraffin, the wax acts as a coating that traps heat in your hands, providing a wonderfully comforting and moist heat. Often, paraffin wax treatments are preceded by moisturising your hands so that the lotion can seep into your skin during the resting process. When the wax is removed, your hands will emerge looking soft and supple, and they will feel rested.
Because paraffin treatments offer intense moisturisation, they can often help if you have issues with a dried out nail-bed. A lot of women have found relief from dry, splitting nails through carefully chosen paraffin wax therapies. Beyond simply moisturising, however, paraffin wax is also a great way to alleviate pain in your hands. If your hand is feeling sore for some reason, a paraffin wax might go a long ways towards making it feel better. The medical use for paraffin wax through the years has traditionally been for pain relief, and a paraffin manicure can also serve the same purpose.

So how does this manicure work?
Like any other manicure service, the technician will first clean, cut, file, and buff your nails. Your cuticles will be trimmed and your hands will be scrubbed and cleaned. Then, usually after applying a coat of intense moisturising lotion, the technician will coat your hands with paraffin.

The paraffin coat can be applied in two ways. The first way is by dipping your hand in a warm paraffin bath several times to achieve an even coat over the hand. The second method, called ladling, involves ladling some of the wax in a plastic bag, inserting the hand into the plastic bag, and then applying the wax by hand. The second method is becoming popular these days as some people express concerns about sanitation in paraffin baths, though all salons ensure that strict protocols are followed.

After resting for fifteen to twenty minutes, the wax is gently removed and your hand is wiped down. At this point, the nail technician will apply a dehydrator to your nails briefly to ensure adhesion for nail polish. After this, the manicure resumes as any other manicure will.

Now that the process has been demystified, there is no reason to hesitate over the paraffin manicure. Consult with your nail technician about getting one today!